How to motivate employees

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I may be one of those peculiar employers, but I care a great deal about my employees. When I see that they have problems, I give them the day off. But there are times when I think they need more than time off. How do I motivate my employees to stay focused in the workplace?

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If you want to motivate your employees at work, constantly give them words of encouragement. Tell them how great they are at work and how the company needs them to survive. Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective tools when it comes to motivating people. You want to use words to keep their spirits up as they toil away.

Also, be friendly whenever you have the chance. It is true that not all employers are open and friendly. In fact, some of them are downright cold. But as the employer, you want to open yourself up to the employees. Remind them that you are always there for advice or assistance.

To promote friendliness among the team, host a special event at least once a year. Some companies like to hold picnics in the park, while others like to hold banquets in hotels. A picnic in summer may be the better choice, because everyone dresses down and feels more comfortable around each other.

When people make friends with other people at work, they feel more like a person and less like a toiler. They look forward to going to work every day and feel more inclined to meet more people. This way, you would definitely motivate your employees.
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I think when it comes to how to motivate employees, nothing can beat offering raises every year or every few years, because money is always a good motivator. But remember, new employees should receive raises, too, even after working for six months. All employees, no matter how long they have worked, will look forward to pay increases. To them, receiving more money for the same work is a sign that the employer truly cares about their efforts, so they are less likely to quit their jobs and more likely to work harder.

Except for raises, sometimes bonuses can do the trick too. When Christmas or some other holiday season comes along, keep your employees in anticipation. Remind them that you are offering bonuses to the most loyal and best performing workers. This annual incentive will encourage everyone to do their best performances on the job. And Christmas is the best time to receive a new check in the mail.
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