How to not fall in love

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I'm getting ready for medical school and falling in love will greatly affect my studies in a negative way. How to not fall in love?

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I discovered that the key answer to how to not fall in love is to focus on yourself to make you care less about every other person. I'm not saying you should be selfish, loving yourself is a very good thing. But when you find yourself in love when you do not plan to be, here are some steps you can take to free yourself:

1. Give yourself space. Don't stalk her or text her in an obsessive way. Try as much as possible to keep yourself distanced from her.

2. Keep yourself busy by engaging in other activities. Distract yourself by getting involved in a number of activities. This will help you not to think about him/her much. Go with the following suggestions:

  • Read a good book. Try out some new genre of books, such as horror or adventure. Do not read a lot of love story novels so you won't have to think about your new crush that much.
  • Find a new hobby. Make efforts to inculcate any hobby you like.
  • Go swimming! There this unique feeling of calmness and freshness you get from water whenever you go swimming.
  • Go see a new movie. If comedy films tickle your fancies, go see one.
  • Go for a workout. If you love exercising your legs, working out can be a great way of distracting yourself from distracting thoughts. Try some mild to moderate exercises.
  • Cooking! The tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked food will help keep you distracted.
  • Get a good massage. This will help you feel very relaxed.

3. Breathe. It is possible for you to feel giddy or nervous while talking to your new boo or thinking about him/her. All you have to do is to stay calm and watch it pass.

4. Avoid Him/Her. If your new attraction is in the same college with you, make sure you avoid him/her as much as possible. Limit your conversation with them and do not let the conversation linger.

5. Think about the drawbacks. If you have enough foresight to predict possible challenges in a budding relationship with them, it will give your brain the chance to think it over and see how going into a relationship will them can turn out to be a bad decision. You don't have to get yourself involved in a relationship that can hinder your academic success when you have your whole future ahead of you. Don't rush, you can always find someone more exciting.

6. Self-deception. Try some self-deception trick. It may not be very easy, but it is important you do this. Try to convince yourself that you do not really care about them. Tell yourself that he/she is just a school friend. Ignoring them will make it easier for you not to fall deeply in love with them.

7. Talk to a close friend. Talk to someone whose opinion you trust about it. This will help you understand your motivation and emotional state a lot better, and when you become a bit drunk and teary, you will be able to find one reliable shoulder to cry on.

8. Know it will pass. Everyone one us at some point or the other have had a serious crush on someone, but all these crushes passed away. This new thing you feel now will soon be a thing of the past if you choose to ignore it.

Here are all I can come up with on how to not fall in love! Good luck to you!!

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Here is something you should do and my answer to how to NOT fall in love-

Keep your paper and pen close by while you sleep. When you wake in the morning, divide the paper into two equal columns with a larger blank space between the two columns.

On the first column, make a list of every topic you were taught the previous day, and on the second column, write down the whole topics you wish to treat today. Wherever you choose to sit as you study, make sure you stick that piece of paper right in your front. Write on the blank space in very bold letters, NO ONE CAN DISTRACT ME FROM MY SUCCESS, NOT EVEN HIM/HER!

Make sure this becomes an everyday routine. Work harder whenever you see the same topic on both columns. Seeing all important topics on the first column will make you feel very happy.

If anyone sees it and asks which boy/girl you are talking about, you do not owe them any explanation.
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