How to order at Starbucks

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I want to know the right order for calling out the descriptors for my Starbucks drinks to the barista/cashier. What is the best sequence? How to order at Starbucks?

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Yes, I once worked there-they have awesome health insurance. lol

The right order for calling in a beverage is usually the order of the boxes printed on the side of the cup. And that’s how to order at Starbucks. ;)

Caffeine Status: it is caffeinated if you do not say decaf

Hot or iced: it is hot if you don't say iced

Cup size: tall, short, grande, venti,

Shots: if there is any kind of difference, whether it is more or less from what is originally contained in the drink

Syrup: any syrup that is not included in the drink and not related to that type of drink (that is do not say anything like chocolate if you are placing an order for a mocha).
Milk: whole, skim, soy, 2%

Custom: it is assumed whip is included unless you say no whip (though we would always ask if it was said rightly or wrongly). No room will be assumed unless you say room, other relevant things included here are specific temperature (Do not forget that soy is always served at 140 degrees Celsius, except when stated otherwise, milk is often served at 160 degrees Celsius unless stated otherwise), or whatever someone may say that does not agree with what has always been known as part of the usual drink formulation.

Drink: i.e. Latte, White Mocha, Mocha, Cappucino, Americano, Expresso, Expresso Con Panna, Frappuccino.

Long Example:

Decaf iced venti one shot vanilla soy without whip stirred up white mocha

And that is how to order at Starbucks!

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Well I found the sequence in Starbucks is not actually so rigid or fixed. They just totally understand me (and won’t blame me) when I order like “Decaf iced Venti white mocha” or “Iced decaf Vendi white mocha”… Guess all the baristas are more generous now? XD
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What makes the ordering process of Starbuck complicated is their habit of using coded terms for describing each drink size, which most people are not conversant with. The terms they use for these drink sizes are, ranging from the largest to the smallest: Trenta, Venti, Grande, and Tall, though they will still understand what you want if you use more conventional terms like extra-large, large, medium or small drink.

Placing Order for Basic Coffee

When placing your order for basic coffee, apart from being specific about your preferred size, you have to let the server know what you want-decaffeinated or regular coffee. They might presume you need regular coffee except you say decaf. If you wish to add some milk or cream to the coffee you requested for, you simply say you would love some cream, or just say "with some room for cream". Most servers normally leave room; say no room if you need a full mug. The basic served coffee is an average roast coffee known as Pike Place, though other varieties are equally offered by Starbucks. Take some time and read the whole catalog of roasts over the counter beforehand, because they sometimes won't ask to know which one you prefer. Lastly, if you wish to be sure of how fresh your coffee is, always ask before ordering to know when the coffee was brewed. If the brewing has been long, they may make you a fresh batch of coffee; but the new coffee will take some minutes to be ready.

Let the servers know the size of coffee you want before you give the server the name, and lastly include the special instruction.

  • An example of a common coffee order:

Can I get a tall decaffeinated coffee with some room?

Placing Special Order for Hot Coffee Beverages

A number of special hot coffee beverages are served at Starbucks, such as espressos, cappuccinos, macchiato, and lattes. The final three can be grouped in the order of the amount of fat contained in the milk they contain and the quantity of espresso added, and if they have caffeine or not. You can be more specific about the concentration of fat in the added milk by telling them, "2% low fat or skinny nonfat". Customize the quantity of espresso added to the coffee by requesting for single, double, triple or more shots. Usually, tall drinks contain single shot, and venti and grande sizes are typically prepared with 2 shots. Consequently, when you request for single or double drinks with no specifications, you will likely get a drink that contains full milk, and the usual quantity of caffeine with espresso.

  • A good example of special hot coffee order is:

Can I get a tall skinny latte with a double shot?

Placing Order for Frappuccino

Starbucks has a variety of very unique blends of chilled coffee beverages, known as Frappuccino. Every of their special flavored drinks are easily customizable like the way the special hot coffee blends are customized. However, you should be aware of the fact that Starbucks will always include the expression, light to the chilled drinks produced with nonfat milk. Example Frappuccino Caramel Light. You can see on top the serving tables for a catalog of the different blends on offer.

  • A good example of Frappuccino Order is:

Can I get a Grande decaffeinated Frappuccino Mocha Light?

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