How to organize your kitchen

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asked Mar 3, 2018 in Home & Garden by JohnathanAug (270 points)
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I really love to cook, and as a result I have way more stuff in my kitchen than it can really hold. I don’t have room for anything and it kind of looks like a mess right now, which also makes it really difficult to find what I need sometimes. It’s inconvenient for me and embarrassing when people come over. How do I organize my kitchen?

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answered May 18, 2018 by ToshaLiles65 (380 points)
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If you’re like me then you probably have cabinets full of things you never use and a good bit of out of date food. You can organize your kitchen better by pulling out everything in your cabinets and going through it. Sort everything into piles of things you can donate that you never use, things that are broken or need to be thrown away, and the essentials that you can’t live without. The idea is creating more space, so only keep what is really important and necessary.
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answered May 20, 2019 by LeonidaNave9 (360 points)
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Draw dividers can be your best friend when trying to figure out how to organize your kitchen. You can use these dividers for your utensils and even for your junk drawers. This helps keep things grouped together and help you not have to dig through everything in the drawer to find one spatula or ladle.
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answered Sep 26, 2018 by TomokoFry697 (300 points)
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Tupperware containers can be a nightmare to store, not to mention keeping them with their lids. You can organize your kitchen better by having a drawer or space for your Tupperware that allows you to store the lids like a file. Make sure to keep all the pieces together to find things easier and keep them from getting lost. This filing system though will stop the lids from sliding everywhere and making a cluttered mess.
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answered Jul 9, 2019 by Kris (1,140 points)
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There’s a lot of wall space and vertical space in cabinets that goes unused frequently. You can use this space to organize your kitchen by hanging racks or hooks that hold mugs, wine glasses, pots, measuring cups, etc. Anything that you put in the vertical spaces means that you’re freeing up flat space in your cabinets and on your counters.
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answered Oct 23, 2018 by BritneyTicke (390 points)
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Shelves tend to look very cluttered very easily. To organize your kitchen, try using open baskets that you can keep similar things in. This is particularly helpful if you have open shelves, but this can be used in your cabinets as well. They also will add some style to your kitchen, so use this as an opportunity to do some practical decorating!
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answered Jul 25, 2018 by DorotheaT95 (260 points)
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I have a lot of things in my kitchen as well and know what you mean by sometimes having a hard time finding things. One way you can organize your kitchen to make finding what you need easier is to group similar items together. Put all of your baking things together in one space and then put holiday or party dishes in another. Go through all of your things like this and designate certain cabinets to certain kinds of kitchenware.
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Thanks for sharing your idea on how to organize your kitchen.
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