How to organize your room

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asked Sep 13, 2018 in Home & Garden by DonnieHoehne (240 points)
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It’s been 2 years now and I think it’s about time I re-organize my room. I could use some tips here since I’m not really experienced in this. Moving the furniture around to try out every position will be overly troublesome. Then I do need to get something to keep all the clutters neat. So I would like to know how do you organize your room.

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answered May 12, 2019 by SharronWeine (370 points)
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Start with the closet or wardrobe, since you tend to throw everything in it to make the rest of your room looks neat and clean. Cleanse the entire content of your wardrobe. Go through every clothes and get rid the ones that no longer fit or you won’t touch anymore. Seasonal clothing, like sweaters and scarfs, can be stored elsewhere or you might want to reorganize it to open up more rooms for other stuff. Don’t keep stuff becasue of lingering attachment. Be ruthless with it. Keeps the ones you still wear and the ones you don’t will have to leave. The winter clothing such as sweaters should be folded instead of hanged. The shape might snag from hanging around half a year and took up your hanging space. Stack them up on shelves and cover it with a thin cloth to reduce dust gathering on it.

I’m going to assume that all your clothes are already systematically organized based on their functions and type. If you haven’t, then it’s about time you do it. If you don’t have plenty of room to hang the clothes, then make the collared shirts and dresses your priorities. Have them color coded to. While it is tedious, the wardrobe will be pleasant looking and you can pick out the clothes you want to wear easily. Bags should be on shelves or hanged as well. Use shower hooks for a cheaper option. The key to making a room look spacious is to have the floor clutter free. That’s how I always do my organizing, hope you learn something from it!
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answered Dec 29, 2018 by WinifredMath (330 points)
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How to organize your room… Take everything you have out of their locations. This is important since you want to organize everything from scratch to really organize your room. We are going to sort them out systematically. Don’t be disheartened by the big pile of stuff you are going to go through, you won’t have to do this for another 2 years or so. Grab some boxes and have the items separated into the following. The items to keep, store, give or sell, and throw out. This should be self-describing in what to do. I leave you to it. If you aren’t sure which ones had to go, give yourself twenty seconds to consider if you will every use it again. If the answer is no, it goes into the throw our box. Seasonal items go into the store label.

Now that is been dealt with, you can concentrate on the more on how you will keep everything organized and clean. Spending around 5 to 10 minutes every night to organize and clean goes a long way.
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