How to overcome low self esteem

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asked Jul 25, 2019 in Health & Wellness by JettaStGeorg (250 points)
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I am a male student in my early 20’s.I have deep and hidden struggles with my self-worth. At time I get depressed and even suffer from suicidal thoughts. I just don’t like myself and I hardly believe that I am as good and worthy as my closest friends and family are trying to convince me. Please help.

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answered Jul 31, 2019 by SyreetaRous8 (400 points)
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How to overcome low self-esteem? First you need not to condemn yourself. Everyone struggles with the issues of self esteem but the difference is how they express it and to what extent. Proper self esteem is a human being appreciating their God-given value irrespective of what they have or lack, what they know or don’t and independent of anything that they have laid claim to after leaving their mother’s womb.

Let us look at it this way: those who despise their fellows and think that they are better than others who don’t have as much money or education and as they do is suffering from low self esteem called pride and arrogance. They are not any better (or worse) than those who feel inferior to other people because they lack this or that thing that others have. The difference between these two extremes is just how it is expressed.

So where is the way out? The only known cure is for you and any other person to accept and celebrate the beauty of your human-ity, and not “have-anity”. Remember, you brought nothing into this world and you will definitely carry nothing away. Keep your expectations and focus on who you are, and not what you have or don’t have.

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This is a great answer. We are all too materialistic nowadays. The problem with us is not why we have "low self-esteem". The problem is rather why we ask questions like how to overcome low self esteem in the first place as every one is unique and has his or her due share of dignity and respect!
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answered Aug 2, 2019 by JulianaEltha (280 points)
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The problem of low self esteem is a product of environment, and not an inborn curse. The first step to overcome it is to differentiate between a human BEING and a human DOING. The generational environment that we have today is tailored to produce performers who are jostling to become “mega stars, celebs, divas, idols….”.The result is that most young people want to be like so and so in relation to their achievements and looks. This puts a lot of pressure on their shoulders, and when they fall short, they begin punishing themselves.

So to be safe, just be yourself and make sure that you live as you and not a clone or robot to please people. Achievements are good, but don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself and then begin feeling that you are a failure because you have not achieved them. Live one day at a time, and do the best you can do today even if you may still make mistakes along the way.
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