How to prepare for a tattoo?

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I’m getting my first tattoo done on my shoulder next week! I’m so excited about it! Is there anything I should keep in mind while getting a tattoo? I heard you shouldn’t drink any alcohol before you get one done because it thin out the blood? Should I clean the part with soap or just water? Is the pain going to be bad? My friends all said it will just be painful at the start. Well, they are not very helpful about it, they told me that there is nothing I should worry about. I think I’m emotionally ready, just not physically. Is there anything extra I should be aware of? How to prepare for a tattoo?

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Congratulations on getting your first tattoo! Assuming that you are sure that you want that certain design tattooed on you, then we can just move on to how to prepare for the big day itself. Most of the things you are going to prepare about is getting your body as relaxed and your mind rested. No matter how you might think you are ready for it, the fear of the pain will still get to you. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, having enough sleep is important so you could stay calm throughout the work. Then drink lots of water, keeping hydrated is going to be a big help. Do not get the tattoo done if you are sick. Be considerate, don’t expose the employees to the infection. Don’t you want to get a tattoo in a sterile place? Besides that, the sickness might hinder the healing process. The same apply to keeping a good hygiene, so shower before you go. This needs to be emphasized too, DO NOT DRINK LIQUOR, then get a tattoo done, it will thin your blood and makes you bleed a lot more.

Anyway, the more you don’t move and panic, the more stable the artist can work on the canvas. So if you want the good quality result, keep still. Speaking of quality result, print off any reference material that might help the artist create the artwork you desire. But keep it focused and double check that the tattoo artist knows what you want. The tattooist would know how to get your art patched up properly too, so ask them if you aren’t sure!
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How to prepare for a tattoo is all about doing your homework. Research on the gallery you want to get yours done in. Check their licenses, reputation in the community and maybe just ask a friend who knows about it. A good artist is common, but you want the very best! All shops should be licensed properly, but it never hurt to check. Then research on their design style. Theirs’ might not suit you or they may not be very comfortable with the art you requested. Take your time, a tattoo is a lifetime commitment. Take note that it’s a common etiquette among the artist to not complete someone’s else unfinished work. So if you decide to be cheap, getting an outline done in one shop and having it finished in another for less, expect a hard time finding one. On the day itself, just eat a nice meal, pack some drinks and a music player, relax and get it done. It will hurt, but not as bad as anyone would think. Ask the artist for any advice that you need or any questions that need to be answered.
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