How to prevent deforestation

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Today we are told by our geography teacher that the process of deforestation has destroyed most of the forests and vegetation cover in the country side during the last 20 years. This is awful. How can we reverse this unfortunate situation before it gets out of control?

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First, deforestation is the destruction of forests and the best antidote for it is reforestation, which means the planting of forests. However, before you can have a successful reforestation plan you need to establish the cause of this irresponsible human behavior. Why are people destroying forests? Is it because they want to get more land for settlement of food growing or any other reasons? Once this has been established, corrective measures can be taken. To enforce successful reforestation, it is necessary to bring all the stake holders on board, including the local authorities, locals and other environment-conscious organizations.

When all the stakeholders are on board, the locals can be educated concerning the importance of forests and that can be reinforced by necessary legislation. If this is not done, just planting trees alone may not stop the vicious cycle. It can even worsen it because the forest destroyers will be happy that someone is actually covering up for their activities.
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How to prevent deforestation? This is a complex problem, but it can have real and simple solutions if they are implemented in the right way. Below are some of these simple and effective solutions:

Use alternative energy

In places where there are winter seasons, you can use coal as an alternative to charcoal and firewood. This saves an “innocent” tree from premature and unnecessary “death”.

Use recycled goods

Household items such as tissue paper, books and shopping bags can easily be made from recycled material, which eliminates the need to go back to the forest and fell more trees in search of raw materials. Check out which of these items are made from recycled paper and save that tree.

Take care of the existing trees

Make sure that you allow the younger trees to grow up to maturity. Even when there is a legitimate reason and need to fell down a tree, then choose the mature one and remember to replace it.

Employ better farming methods

Better farming methods such as crop rotation are a great way of curbing deforestation. This method ensures that the fertility of the soil is maintained intact.

Join forest conservation movements

You can also contribute by participating in the activities of forest conservation organizations. Donate your time or money to ensure that forests are conserved.

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