How to prevent seasickness?

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I will be getting on a cruise with my husband next month. I want to really enjoy our time together, but I have had some previous issues with motion sickness. I am looking for some tips to prevent seasickness.

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Here’s a secret seasickness cure from my grandma: ginger ale. It is both natural and refreshing, so pick a few packs from the supermarket before you sail and you’ll be alright. I can still remember granny drowning us kids with the concoction right before we go on a long trip, be it on land or at sea. I don’t know why it’s effective but I haven’t suffered from sickness during travels ever since I started sipping ginger ale.
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Stay in an area of the ship where the left-to-right, side-to-side swaying movement is minimized. This is usually found near the middle of the ship and close to the water line. Request a cabin in this part so you won’t have to be tossing around your bed the rest of the cruise. It will also be helpful if your cabin has a window facing the sea so you can look outside if you feel nauseated.
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There are several over-the-counter drugs that can help you prevent seasickness. Among the most popular are Bonine and Dramamine. Just pop one or two tablets an hour before boarding and you will surely enjoy your trip.

These medications minimize the effects of the chemicals released by the brain that trigger seasickness. They are really effective and have minimal side effects. Just to be sure, check with your doctor first before taking them, especially if you are taking other medications that may interfere with the effects of these drugs.
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Yeah, this is the simplest answer to how to prevent seasickness!
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Watch what you eat and avoid greasy foods during the entire trip. Eat moderately but avoid having an empty stomach. If you feel that your stomach is starting to rumble, munch on a piece of cracker or toasted bread. The starch on these foods can help settle your upset stomach and prevent you from throwing up.

Alcohol and coffee are also big no-no. Wait till you are back on solid ground before indulging in them again, but while on cruise avoid them like the plague. Both are diuretics that will flush out liquids from your body, and being dehydrated will lower your resistance against seasickness. Be contented with sipping water and juices if you want to enjoy your trip.
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