How to prevent split ends?

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I do have very long hairs that extend down to the middle of my back. I often have to make use of blow dryers, flat iron and curling iron to apply heat to my hair. Does anyone have information on any special type of heat shampoo for the recovery of heat, or any idea on how I can put an end to split ends?

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It is obvious you do expose your hair to more heat than necessary. The excessive application of heat could be the reason why the end of your hair splits. The best way to stop these split ends from reoccurring is to learn the best ways to care for your hair in order to avoid damages.

First, keep your hair shielded from heat. The protein contained in shafts known as Keratin is denatured by heat. This often weaken the hair shafts and make them more prone to breakages. The type of heat that causes this damage can come from heat styling, hot blow drying, steam treatments, heat strengthening and curling, etc. If you must make use of these mentioned treatments methods, you must take the following precautions:

  1. Don't make use of any other high-heat hair treatments more than just once every 2 weeks; once a month is most preferable.
  2. Minimize your dependence on hair products. Hair bleaches and dyes can be quite destructive, but other products can also damage your hair. Use them only when you must to ensure your hair stays healthier and stronger for longer.

Other things you can do:

  1. Eat healthy diets: Your hair follicles cannot be able to produce the required amount of hair if do not eat the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Healthy fats like Omega-3 fatty acids go a long way to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Vitamin E plays a very important role here. Several foods contain this important vitamin, and some of these foods include seeds, avocado, nuts, vegetable oils, some species of fish, and some green leaves.
  2. Apply adequate amount of oil for protection: Choose an oil that contains important nutrients such as argan oil, egg oil, almond oil, olive oil, and castor oil. Applying any of these oils can help keep the hair shaft lubricated, thereby preventing it from breaking at its end. Apply these oils at least two times per week, make sure it stays on your hair until the next morning and wash it off the moment you wake up. It is important to cover your hair with a cap when you apply this oil. Do not use hair products that contain kerosene or paraffin as ingredients. These ingredients cause hair dryness. Always apply the oil at the middle and end of the hair because applying them close to the scalp can lead to dandruff buildup or worst still, cause damage to your hair roots.
  3. Always make use of a large tooth comb to loose tangled hairs after a shower: The time your hair is most prone to breakages is when it is wet. So make sure you make use of big combs whenever your hair is wet.
  4. Use conditioner always: Always apply your conditioner to your hair end. Leave it for some minutes to be absorbed in. Do not wash off all the conditioner when washing your hair. But wash out most of it to make sure your hair is not greasy.
  5. Trim your hair often: Trimming your hair on a regular basis will keep its ends from breaking. Make sure it is done by a real professional. Avoid picking up handy instruments like scissors to trim your hair yourself. The dull blades of such instruments can damage the hair further and lead to more end splits.

Wish my answer to how to prevent split ends would help you!

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