How to promote your blog?

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asked Sep 20, 2015 in Computers & Electronics by LeomaQ240588 (250 points)
I have a personal blog which I have been running for a year now. It doesn’t have that many readers, so I want to know how to promote it so more people will visit my blog.

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answered Oct 6, 2015 by LaylaBreinl8 (690 points)
The best way to promote your blog is of course to simply write great content. No matter how hard you promote your blog, everything comes down to the quality of your articles. There is just no substitute to useful and interesting content. Even your friends will not visit your blog if they know that your posts are awful.

Make extra effort in finding interesting ideas to write about. Think of the things that your target readers will be interested in and start your work from there. Make your own research and write in an upbeat and interesting manner.

Don’t just duplicate what other people are writing about. Give the topic your own spin to make it interesting and unique. Remember that there are millions of blogs online, and thousands of them are on the same niche as yours, so take the time to think of ways to make your topic stand out among all the others.
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answered Oct 9, 2015 by ErikWestwood (270 points)
You can use social media to promote your blog. If you have Facebook or Twitter account, they would be really helpful in letting your friends know about its presence. Share the links to your blog posts on your FB wall or include them in your daily tweets. You can also ask your friends to “like” and share your posts to reach even more people.
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answered Sep 27, 2015 by AnnmarieWebe (210 points)
My daily job is related to search engine optimization, or SEO for short. I would say practicing SEO techniques is the best solution to how to promote your blog. What you have to do is to find the most relevant keywords related to your topic and weave your articles around them. Aside from keywords, you also need to include tags and images to your blog posts to improve its search engine ranking. Also make sure that your blog is indexed by Google. Traffic from Google searches is like a gold mine if you know how to tap into it.
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answered Oct 3, 2015 by LyndonBarker (220 points)
One way to promote your blog is by being active in forums. Join different forums and hangouts online that are related to your blog’s niche. Take part in the discussion, ask questions, and write comments on other members’ posts. Don’t just register and start spamming the board with links to your blogs. You’ll risk getting booted out and banned if you do that. Develop a good reputation first so that other members will take your posts seriously.
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