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Some people just want to publish a paper to get recognized. Some people publish papers all the time because they have made a name for themselves. But graduate students like me are required to publish papers for their degree. I understand that publishing papers allows networking among scholars and publicity for those who want to get their research seen by others. But the work of getting your paper published goes a long way. I mean how to publish a paper really? What are some of the things I should know to get a paper published?

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So as a graduate student, you are always expected to get your own study published. This could be a frustrating process.

First off, make sure you can publish your paper in the correct category. When you start off trying to get your paper published, you should start looking into and researching things that are already published in your field. Make sure your paper is different from others.

Then, ask yourself if you're addressing questions and concerns within the studies that others have not. Check out how others have written their papers. Parameters such as format, vocabulary, etc. should be taken into consideration.

Having an intimate knowledge of the existing works in your field of study will definitely give you an upper hand when submitting your paper. Get input from others on what they think is important.

Actually, before you ask how to publish a paper, you should first make sure that your manuscript is ready to go. That includes typing a rough draft, getting it proof read by at least two different people. Multiple proof readers can catch things that maybe the other person or you didn't. Only when you've made sure your paper is thoroughly revised (maybe even for several times), should you try submitting it for publishing. Remember that you may be rejected the first time, or even the first few times. Don't give up. Eventually someone will accept your publication. This is a big way to publish a paper.

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You've worked long and hard to get your paper the best it can be. Getting it published, however, can be just as arduous. The most important thing that you should bear in mind is patience. You may submit a paper a few times with no luck. Don't worry, it's still possible. The fact is: only up to 10% of submissions are accepted their first time around. As long as you receive positive feedbacks on what to change, your chances for acceptance still remain bright. This would be the process for you regardless whether it's your first or fifth time submitting you paper.

You can publish your paper on a national or international conference, or in a journal. If you want to submit with a conference, you will need to write a paper about the state-of-the-art technologies. There might also be special formatting requirements. For journals, there are a wide range of them to submit your papers to. However, when finding a journal, make sure that the journal's mission matches with the subject of your paper. Many people are rejected solely because they didn't pay attention to whether or not their paper matched up with the parameters of the journal they were submitting to. All that's left is to make sure you have a really good cover letter and cross your fingers. I hope this has given you more insight on how to publish a paper.
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