How to reduce air pollution

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It seems that more people are concerned about the environment nowadays. When it comes to smog and overcrowded cities, there is an ozone layer that is hard to replace if it gets destroyed. As a concerned citizen, what can I and others do to reduce air pollution?

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Conserving energy is the best way to reduce the amount of air pollution you give out. Start by following a few basic steps. When you leave a room for more than 10 minutes, flip off the light switch. If you are finished using a specific appliance, such as a TV or computer, turn it off immediately. These simple steps are easy to remember and take only a few seconds to complete.

Investing in energy efficient appliances is a new trend for home and office users. If you forget to turn off your electrical appliances, at least you know that these machines are conserving energy on their own. Typical energy efficient devices include LED and fluorescent light bulbs that are now sold in stores. Also, there are various energy-saving appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, which are approved by Energy Star.

Another way to save energy is to monitor your electric bills. See if your utility company comes with an energy conservation program. There are devices that either monitor your energy usage or turn off if a certain appliance is used to the limit.
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Indeed, how to reduce air pollution might become the question of the decade. The simplest thing an average citizen can do is to drive less. Millions of cars are found on the roads, and this is no little deal. Drive less to reduce the amount of smoke and toxins that gets released into the air.

Instead of driving to the park to exercise every day, consider taking a bike ride there. You can even bike to the grocery store if you do not plan to spend much. In a small town, biking is possible because the businesses are usually close by.

Carpool to school or work with a family member or coworker. This way, you have more time to bond and become better acquaintances as you save the environment. In large cities, there are plenty of transportation options available, such as buses, taxis and subway trains. In small towns, some people are able to bike to work every morning. As long as the activity is not inconvenient for you, and you do not get stuck in traffic, it is a good thought to consider.
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