How to respond to I love you

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asked Apr 28, 2015 in Relationships by Ilse53K81404 (290 points)
I wonder how you guys respond to it when someone told you they love you. Not from parents, you know… So any good ideas on how to respond to I love you?

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answered Sep 9, 2015 by AntoinetteSc (370 points)

Things are a whole lot easier when you love such people back! And here are those situations and how to respond to I love you:

Scenario 1. If you have been longing to hear this person pop the words.

The right thing to say is, "I love you too" backed up with a very passionate kiss.

Scenario 2. During love making.

The right response is, "I love you too" and you back it up with a crazy sex move.

Scenario 3. From your long-term love and life partner.

Take a break from what you are doing for some seconds, acknowledge your partner with a sweet smile and respond with, "I love you too."

It is more difficult if you do not love that person back, but you can still save the situation.

Some of this will depend on the reason why you do not love such people back.

  • If you think there is the slightest chance you can fall in love with them sometime in the nearest future, you can simply tell them you wish to take things slowly with them. Mention an ugly past experience to drive your point home.
  • If the thought of entering a relationship with them has never occurred to you, you can appreciate them for loving you and still say you wish to take things easy for the moment. But once you are ready to become serious with them, do not hesitate to tell them.
  • If you feel nothing for them now, and do not see yourself doing so anytime soon, you might have to say the really awkward thing, "wow, thank you for letting me know". But let them know you are not ready for any kind of serious relationship.
    No matter what you say, so long as it is not a reciprocal of the, "I love you" will leave them feeling hurt, so this is simply an effort to reduce the impact of the rejection. Though you may not be able to alleviate their pains, but it is definitely worth the try.

Of course, there are other such odd circumstances

If one creepy online stalker sings it often, the right action is to block them from your friend list.

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answered Aug 19, 2015 by ErrolTalbott (250 points)
If anyone says that to me, my immediate response will be to thank him or her before anything. Telling someone you love them straight away can require a whole lot of courage.

After thanking them, the next thing will be to tell them why I don't feel the same way about a possible romance with them. It could be that you do not love them enough to date them or you are already in love with someone else. It could also be due to some other reasons.

You can also make them feel better by saying something like:

"I do hope you find someone who loves you more than I do" or any other such encouraging thing. Do not make it hard for them. It is never fun to let anyone down.

I hope this helps you.
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answered Oct 24, 2015 by EdgCulpin (190 points)

Here are top 3 answers I found via reddit about how to respond to I love you. lol. Hope you will have a nice day! :D

1. Special way of replying

2. How about pranking

3. Give them Han Solo

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