How to revive a plant?

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asked Mar 27, 2015 in Home & Garden by ClintonZerch (250 points)
I am a lover of plants and every year after winter has set in and taken its toll I lose some plants around my house and in my garden. Some of them end up being frozen or losing their green luster and turning brown. How can I revive at least a few, if not all of them?

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answered May 29, 2015 by AngelaWither (530 points)
I know that people can have some sentimental attachment to their plants the way they do with pets. But before you go on and try to revive a plant you need to establish some factors. First, you need to establish the extent of the damage. Second, make sure that the plant is worth the effort. If it is a common plant that can be replaced, better plant another one. Third, figure out the time it will take the plant to recover its lost glory. Last, make sure that the plant is not dead and can actually be revived.

To revive a stem, you should cut the stem’s back until you reach the first visible green matter. If the green matter is missing, cut off a third of the stem’s length until you get to it. It is advisable that you do the pruning just at the right time so that you avoid causing further damage to the plant. You can perform the pruning 14-21 days before the date of the last frost.

If the level of damage has affected the plant to the extent that its stem has no green matter, cut off the whole stem to the level of 2 inches above the ground. Then just cross your fingers and see whether it will produce any new stems. If nothing happens, then as a last resort, you may want to transplant it to another location.

Hope I've answered your question of how to revive a plant.
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answered Apr 2, 2015 by GeoffreyY122 (270 points)

How to revive a dead plant? This is actually a worthwhile and easy process that anyone can perform. If you can follow these simple steps, you can salvage the residual life of your favorite plant:

  • First of all, check if it still has any signs of life; if yes, then chop off the brown parts and remove any insects on the plant’s leaves;
  • Second, dig out the plant from the soil and check the roots. Cut away any other plant part that is dead;
  • Third, water the plant and add more soil if it is necessary;
  • Fourth, place the plant in a warm and sunny environment where there is enough light. Make sure that you keep bottle spraying the plant with cool water. Make sure that it is not flooded, since too much water can cause the roots to rot.

Following these steps, you can revive any of your outdoor and/or indoor plants with ease.

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