How to sing high notes

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My favorite hobby is singing, and I’m always thinking about hitting the high notes during certain parts of a song. With so much emphasis placed on this skill, what can I do to reach those high notes?

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Sing the same way that you speak. The two activities are very similar. In other words, the way you sing should be as simple and effortless as the way you talk. So, straining to hit those high notes is never recommended. You will place too much strain on the parts of your vocal cords that hold high notes. Anyone knows that high notes are light, airy sounds that cannot be accomplished on strained vocals.

Make your singing as light as air by promoting the flow of air into your mouth. Breathe deeply in order to bring a steady amount of air into the mouth as you sing. If you inhale too much air, your voice sounds too airy and you build up too much pressure in your throat and chest. Too little air does not make your voice sound strong or smoothly connected.

Any good vocal coach will tell you that you control your singing by controlling the diaphragm. Choose the amount of air you inhale by knowing how to use your diaphragm.
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huge thanks!
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To sing high notes, practice a smooth, balanced way of singing.

First, practice your breathing so that you get in enough air as you sing. The less air you inhale, the less connected your notes are. When you sing staccato, you are allowed to take breaths between each note. However, most singing must be smooth and connected as you move from one note to the next.

Then you also need to promote balance in the way you sing, start by taking deep breaths. Practice your breathing by timing yourself as you hold your breath. Swimmers know how to hold their breath well, so pretend like you are going underwater. In fact, think of a steady flow of air as the steady swim strokes you take through the water. You want to glide through the water effortlessly and make as few strokes as possible.

The more you practice the exercise, the more you should increase the intensity. Increase the number of minutes it takes to hold your breath. Eventually, you will inhale a very long breath that helps you sing smooth, steady notes.
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thank you so much. this is very practical and now i finally know how to sing high notes!
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