How to start running again

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asked Jul 25, 2015 in Health & Wellness by GeraldUtu189 (230 points)
I have found running to be a tiresome and tedious activity. I just don’t see the point of it. I prefer walking instead because I can work at my own pace. My friends all prefer to run, and they want to get me back into it. So, where do I begin and how do I start?

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answered Oct 22, 2015 by MinniePye34 (490 points)
Since you have fallen out of interest with running, you want to rekindle this interest. You stopped running because you did not see a point to it. Read about the benefits of running compared to walking, and you will see why so many people do it.

As you already know, running is an activity that is strenuous for all the good reasons. You exercise the heart to make it stronger and pump blood faster. As a result, you cut your risks of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

As you breathe in, the oxygen enters the bloodstream and circulates throughout the body. Your organs grow healthier after receiving fresh supplies of blood. You improve the memory and concentration levels of your brain when you allow more oxygen up there.

With all the benefits of running, you’d better think again about it.
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answered Sep 19, 2015 by ShelaSoubeir (350 points)
As a certified trainer, I always suggest to my clients asking how to start running again that they should start running again with the help of a partner. It is great that your friends like running so much because you will find it easier to stay motivated running with them. You can run with one friend on the weekdays and choose another friend for the weekends.

Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page though. You do not want to get caught up with someone who tries to push you too much. You want to exercise as companions, so you have to run at the same pace.
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answered Sep 28, 2015 by Felicity (990 points)
Everyone has moments when doing the same routine becomes unbearable. To get started running again, you must remain motivated. It is not good enough to know why running is good for you. You should also take up a series of exercises that keep you focused on the task.

Choose the scenery that will hold your interest as you run. Start by running at the park near the trees and fields. On other days, if possible, run near the beach or close to the mountains.

Alternate between running and biking or walking. If you get tired of running easily, do it occasionally. It is good to take a break because running puts too much strain on the feet and legs. Run every other day until you get used to it.
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