How to stop being shy?

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asked Jun 9, 2015 in Relationships by AshleighGuay (500 points)
I am too shy to make new friends, even though I want to badly. I am too shy to speak out in front of large groups of people, even though I really want to do that. I have struggled with shyness all my life, and now it is time to get rid of it. What are some ways I can stop being shy?

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answered Sep 29, 2015 by GeorgiannaHu (350 points)
Being shy means not being comfortable around people. To change that, determine yourself to interact more with people. Go out to shopping malls, grocery stores and amusement parks. Get a new job or hobby that forces you to work with other people. Becoming more social is not an overnight achievement – it takes to get used to these new environments.

Make friends as part of your vow to interact with people. It is ideal to choose people in your own age group, but mostly you want friends who share common interests and beliefs.

Everyone could stand to have one or two companions around. Start by searching for companionship in all of the places you visit often. Look for friends at school, at work and around the neighborhood. It may not be a good idea to look for friends at the local bar or casino, so choose only the right places.
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answered Aug 10, 2015 by Lon350277567 (370 points)
To know how to stop being shy, you must first know why you are shy. A big factor in this is self-confidence. So start by increasing your self-confidence. No matter what you do, make sure you have enough confidence to do it. Give yourself plenty of words of encouragement before you pursue a big goal. Continue to encourage yourself and avoid negative thoughts as you continue through life.

Reward yourself whenever you make a major accomplishment, such as delivering a speech or leading a group. When you stay motivated on your most important goals and avoid discouraging thoughts, you get rid of your shyness over time.
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answered Sep 20, 2015 by Couture (1,140 points)
Ignore your shyness. Ignore the fact you are shy when you step out in public and talk to people. Ignore the fact you worry about how your clothes look or how properly you talk. Forget that your hands feel clammy when you talk to a certain person. Forget that you feel nervous when you sit near certain groups of people.

Sometimes, the best way to overcome your fear is to face it head on. Dip right into the activity that is causing you such distress. If you fail the first time, know that you have other opportunities to succeed later.
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