How to stop binge eating?

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asked Jul 13, 2015 in Health & Wellness by BradleyBrack (250 points)
I have struggled with binge eating ever since college. I gorge on anything I can put my hands, whether I am at school or in a restaurant. At first, I didn’t think anything out of it because I never purged afterwards. But over time, I realized how unhealthy my habit was. I know the damage I will do later on down the line. So, how do I stop my cycle of eating in excess?

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answered Sep 16, 2015 by RubenFreeman (350 points)
Binge eating is one of the most dangerous ways to eat. As you said, you do not have to purge to make the activity dangerous. Eating too much food is guaranteed to bring negative effects to your health eventually. Over time, you gain weight, develop high cholesterol and increase your risks of diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart disease. You could shorten the years on your life by one decade or more.

To stop this cycle of excessive eating, you need to create a plan. Start by monitoring everything that goes into your mouth. Create a daily and weekly schedule that includes all of the foods you plan to eat. Write down every meal, snack food and drink for each day of the week. Cut out all of the fast food runs and excessive snack times. This schedule gives you greater control over your eating habits.

Remember, your meals do not have to be totally healthy – the main goal is to eat in moderation.
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answered Oct 16, 2015 by DennyC04533 (260 points)
To learn how to stop binge eating, you should first pinpoint the specific problem that is causing you to eat too much. You might have a chemical balance in your brain that is telling you to pile on the food, and the part of your brain that tells you to stop is not working. Some people with mental disorders have undergone brain scans to see if the problem is a neurological one. You might want to see a specialist for help.

If the problem is not physiological, there might be a psychological issue. A good psychiatrist will help you pinpoint the problem. You may be feeling too depressed, lonely or defeated to eat normally. Some people use food as a substitute for something missing in their lives. Think back about when you first started binge eating. It may have occurred after you experienced a traumatic event, like a breakup or the death of a loved one. In any case, a good psychotherapy will definitely help.
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