How to stop eating at night

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I have this habit of eating late in the night despite the fact that I had dinner with others. This gives me cause for worry. Can anyone tell me how to stop eating at night?

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Getting over binge eating will require some efforts; here are five tips I found online about how to stop eating at night.

1. Discover the cause

Discover why you are so prone to snacking. Is it linked to depression, loneliness, boredom, anxiety, or some inborn die-hard habits? Before you give in to any craving, ask yourself what your craving is about.

Satisfying yourself with self-knowledge instead of foods will do you good.

If, for instance, you discover you have anxiety issues, start some new habits. Find some new relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. Taking a 15 minutes brisk walk can go a long way to save you from that impending 500-calories binge.

2. Change your attitudes

  • Create a mind-set for the future. Replace short-term pleasures with long-term ones. Place your mind on future things. Imagine every moment of your future spent doing those things you have always wanted to do. Whether you want to dance at your child's wedding or hike in some remote desert, or play golf until you turn 95, create a picture of this future in your mind.
  • Be positive. Having these positive thoughts can go a long way to boost your mood, be grateful to everyone and everything that has added value to your life, and the strength to survive very unhealthy attraction. If you are invited to a party anytime in the near future, plan what you wish to wear to that event ahead of time. Instead of reaching out for that sweet, take some time and think about the upcoming event and how you would want to look.

3. Live a healthy life

  • Make sleep a priority: You will be hungry for carbs and sugar if you do not get enough sleep. This happens because, when you fail to get enough sleep, ghelin, the hormone responsible for driving hunger is shot up, while PYY, the hormone responsible for making you feel full gets shot down. This means you can sleep off those excess weight.
  • Stop drinking calories: One way you can drink calories is to consume sugary liquids, juices, sodas, etc. These drinks will increase the level of insulin in your blood, thereby increasing your food cravings.
  • Cut down your cravings with food supplements: Some natural molecules in the blood help regulate the blood sugar levels and reduce the cravings. Vitamin D, Omega-3 fats, PGX, Lipoic acid, Chromium, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and amino acids can all help keep your hormones balanced, increase your muscle mass and stop your cravings.
  • Do not starve yourself during the night. Researchers have shown that people who eat late at night are not more prone to weight gain than people who eat early. Eat whenever you are hungry in the night. There is nothing to feel guilty about. There is no truth in the claim that people who eat late in the night add more weight than those who eat earlier. Enjoy your healthy snacks whenever you have the knack to do so. Pay attention to how you feel and not on the time of the day. The important thing is not to overfeed. Don't get stuffed before you stop eating, eat only the quantity that helps you stay filled and energetic.

4. Break some associations.

Resist the temptation to snack when you are playing with your electronic gadgets or watching TV at night. If you must eat something while you play games or watch TV, limit what you eat to fruits and veggies, and some non-caloric drinks. Find other ways to keep your hands occupied such as writing some notes, knitting, beading, sewing, or whatever can keep your hands busy. Make sure you don't store unhealthy foods in your fridge to reduce the temptation to eat unhealthy foods.

Employing the above mentioned techniques are helpful to solve the problem of how to stop eating at night. But do not forget that any change worth having will always take some time and awareness. With all this awareness, you can now solve this problem very easily.

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