How to stop runny nose

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I am on the third day of my cold. After coughing for the first few days, my nose is running uncontrollably. How do I make it stop and get my life back to normal as much as possible?

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The easiest way is to take medications in order to stop your nose from running, preferably antihistamines. You will find pill bottles and nose sprays in the aisles of your local drugstore. Look in your medicine cabinet to find a bottle or two lying around.

Or, alternatively, you can just plug up the nose. If you have tissues lying around, keep the nostrils plugged up to block the exit of thin, watery mucus. It is a fast and temporary solution to an irritating problem.

Also, you want to blow your nose often to remove buildup mucus. Keep the nose clear for as long as possible. This solution lasts for at least an hour before the nose starts to run again. Take this step if you cannot find the cold medications anywhere in sight.
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I think instead of medications, eating natural foods is a very effective way to treat a runny nose. There are herbs and plants with nutrients that help your immune system deal with cold-like symptoms.

If you do not have the time to prepare a fancy concoction, start by drinking herbal tea. Tea drinking is a common tradition in Asian cultures that practice ancient Chinese medicine. It soothes the throat and provides nutrients to a body that is battling sickness.

Add small bits of ginger to your food. Consume every part of it from the root to the juice. You can grind the pieces and add them to a healthy drink or smoothie. Regardless of the recipe, you want to consume fresh, natural ginger only. You should be careful though, as some Chinese products are contaminated with chemicals that dilute the nutritional value of the ginger.

Another option is watercress, which is a plant that contains loads of vitamins and minerals that relieve runny noses. Add watercress to your food at least once a day. Watercress is easy to mash up and add to tea or salad.
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Awesome advice! I do believe herbs are the best answer to how to stop runny nose.
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