How to stop shaking hands

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asked Jul 14, 2019 in Health & Wellness by KatherinWall (250 points)
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I have seen it all too well. Elderly people who suffer from shaky, unstable hands. They can barely get through their daily routines. I have seen this same problem in some drug addicts, too. I always feel for those guys and really want to know is it possible to stop shaky hands and how?

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answered Aug 14, 2019 by DongBrogan76 (430 points)
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Shaking hands can be a medical condition that affects the muscular movements in your hands. In that case, you want to consult with a doctor and take medication. Parkinson’s disease is a typical condition that affects the central nervous system and causes uncontrollable shakes. This system is composed of your brain and spinal cord. If you have shaky hands, you may have a problem with either one of these organs. Only a doctor is qualified to point out the exact problem and find a solution. He may introduce you to another medical specialist, such as a psychiatrist or occupational therapist.

I believe for those guys suffering from shaking hands, the doctor is the first line of defense against this kind of disease. One cannot expect the shaking to stop overnight, but one should look for results eventually.
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answered Aug 11, 2019 by ChelseaLemke (390 points)
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Drug abuse is a major cause of hand tremors. When someone takes drugs, the chemicals go to the parts of the brain that control thoughts and movements. The brain cells become so damaged to the point where certain bodily functions are lost.

To prevent any further damage to the brain, get off the harmful substances immediately. Stopping cold turkey is always the best solution, whenever possible. If they cannot, they should at least ease their way into rehab. Some people become so addicted that their hands stop shaking after they consume more alcohol. If that is the case, they would definitely want to start in rehab first.

As one stops taking the harmful substances, one would almost immediately feel parts of the body improve dramatically and less inclined to run to empty the bladder. One feels less likely to sweat and show signs of nervousness. And problems with shaky hands will consequently diminish.
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answered Jul 26, 2019 by MelissaGann (190 points)
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Although it is true that drug addicts have shaky hands, it is also true that coffee drinkers have the same problem. So I always recommend 9-to-5ers who already start to ask how to stop shaking hands to lay off the caffeine as they head to work in the morning.

Do not go on coffee runs or be the first person to turn on the coffee machine in the office. Turn back to coffee and thus have less of the jitters that make you feel tense and anxious all of the time.
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