How to stop talking so much

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How to stop talking so much

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If you talk too much, you may have some kind of personality disorder. People who talk too much are known to suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. You may be someone who likes to hear yourself talk above everyone else. You may think that you are smarter or better than other people. So, you interrupt people and never give them the chance to speak.

To learn how to stop talking, you must first recognize that you have a problem. Most people who need help are in denial. Any addict will tell you that admitting you need help is the most important step to progress. So face it! If you will, record yourself as you talk. Then, you will know for sure that you talk too much. Place a recorder on your body. Have the recorder track every conversation that occurs as you go through the day, conversing with friends and talking to strangers.

When the day is over, play back the tape and take note of everything you have said. Take note of the times when you have made some very important statements. Also, take note of the times when you would be better off had you kept your mouth shut. The best way to control blabbering is to hear the way you talk and the things you say. This way, you will hear what other people are forced to hear every time you talk and understand their feelings better.
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Only asking how to stop talking so much is not enough. You should be more sympathetic towards those who accused you of being too chatty. No one likes people who talk too much, especially if they have nothing good to say. An excessively chatty voice is guaranteed to get you into trouble. You will alienate people, lose friends, turn off family members and, in some cases, make people hate you. Stop this bad habit immediately before you make everyone want to wear earplugs when they come around you.

Taping your mouth is an option, but it is not likely to work at all. Start by listing all of the consequences that come with talking too much. You will find that there are more disadvantages than advantages. Once you start to realize the full price you have to pay for being too talkative, you will learn to stop talking so much, because I believe you know better.
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