How to store cucumbers

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How can fresh cucumbers from the garden or farmers’ market be stored? Is there a RIGHT answer? Some say they can be preserved by keeping them wrapped in some paper towel and kept refrigerated. Others don’t think so. What do you think should be the best answer to how to store cucumbers?

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According to my mum, temperature and humidity should be considered when it comes to storing cucumbers. Below are some methods on how to store cucumbers.

  • The best temperature for storing cucumbers is cool temperature-they should not be kept frozen. Cucumbers don't freeze quite well, so storing them at temperatures below 40°F is not advisable, but it is important to avoid storing them under very high temperatures (Not above 70°F). Storing them under extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures can make them go bad. Keeping them within 41°F or so will help keep them fresh for at least one week. Consequently, some people suggest keeping them on counters. This can be done when temperatures are between 41°F and 70°F.
  • Keep the cucumbers wrapped in plastic wraps and store them in your fridge. The moisture content of the cucumber is reduced by wrapping them in plastic wraps. And this makes decay process slower. Keeping the wrapped cucumber in the refrigerator will make them cold enough to remain fresh for about ten days. There is a better way: wrap the cucumbers in the paper towel, then put them in the plastic bags. This equally helps the cucumbers stay fresh for as long as two weeks.
  • The methods of storing raw cucumber can differ depending on how you cut your cucumber. Place them in a container that has lid if they are in slices. This will ensure it does not dry out while in storage. If it is still in one piece, with only the end cut off, use a plastic wrap or foil to keep it covered or store in a container depending on your preferences.

One More Important Point To Note

  • Cucumbers are quite sensitive to ethylene, a naturally-occurring gas that speeds up the ripening process of fruits (and leads to quick spoilage). Therefore, make sure you keep them separate from your bananas, melons, and tomatoes, which are all known to produce ethylene in high amounts.

Below are some dates to make references to as regards your cucumber and their country of origin, which matter a lot on how to store cucumbers). Past printed date are the lasting time.

Whole fresh cucumbers-last for seven days

English cucumbers-last between 7 and 10 days

Japanese cucumbers-last between 7 and 10 days

Persian cucumbers-last for seven days

Pickling Cucumbers-lasts from one week to two weeks

Sliced cucumbers-lasts from one to two days.

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My suggestion will be for you to buy on the quantity of cucumber you can consume storing them. Though they are quite important part of every vegetable salad.

Anyway, we tried to keep away humidity by keeping the cucumbers wrapped in a paper towel, but the paper towels soon got soaked and the cucumber started decaying. So I invented a new twist, I would bring the cucumbers out of my refrigerator every day, the same period I prepare the evening salad. I would often unwrap them and refrigerate them. May be between one hour and one and a half hours later, the moisture would have dried up from the cucumber and the paper towels. I would then repack the cucumbers using the paper towels and keep them in a plastic bag with some holes.
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