How to talk to strangers

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asked Mar 14, 2019 in Culture & Society by FloreneMackr (240 points)
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For some people, making friends and being outgoing is so natural that they don’t even have to think about it. I see so many interesting people in public, but I never have the guts to talk to someone I don’t know. This makes me so jealous of my friends who can talk to anyone! I wish that I could start conversations with people easier. So how do I talk to strangers?

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answered May 13, 2019 by SusannahShut (390 points)
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If you approach someone awkwardly or nervously, then they’re probably going to be a little suspicious when you first talk to them. Our moods tend to affect other people’s moods around us. So in general, the best strategy on how to talk to strangers is to just introduce yourself with a smile and relax. It’s proven that people are more likely to want to talk to you if you are smiling. The best way to look like the friendly person you’re trying to be is to bring a positive and confident smile that puts people at ease.
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answered Aug 10, 2019 by LeomaLamble (390 points)
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One of the best ways of how to talk to strangers is by asking for help or for an opinion. This can work to your advantage in any situation or setting. It’s innocent enough for the other person to not feel awkward in answering or talking to you about it. You’ll also know immediately if that person actually wants to talk to you or not because they’ll either respond very abruptly and close the conversation or show interest in talking more. If you can add some humor to the situation, that makes everyone even more comfortable and breaks the ice.
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answered Apr 18, 2019 by Briana (620 points)
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A lot of conversations die before they can even begin because things fall flat and no one has anything left to say. This makes things really awkward when trying to get to know someone completely new. So if you want to talk to strangers, all you have to do is show interest in what they say and keep the topics going by asking questions. Don’t be too aggressive or pushy with your questions, but ask basic details that show you’re actually listening and care what they say. People want to talk to someone who makes them feel like what they say matters! Plus asking questions helps you to get to know the other person better and possibly make a friendship.
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