How to tell if someone has a crush on you

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I love this guy very much, but I can't say if he feels the same way about me. He can be quite considerate to me sometimes, but he seems cold to me most of the time. Why does he act that way? I will be grateful if you help with tips to enable me know how to tell if someone has a crush on you.

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The first approach to knowing if someone on how to know if someone is having a crush on you is to trust your sense of judgment, then pay careful attention to details to know if he or she is really getting a crush on you. Below are some effective tips I culled from the internet and some life experiences from my close friends.

Portal One: From Social Media

They send you a friend request and start stalking you on Facebook, right after the first meeting. The social media is one place that helps show you if someone is 100% interested in you. Check who adds you on Facebook immediately after the first meeting. When someone follows everything you do on social media that is a good sign they are very much interested in you.

If they like and then unlike some of your old pictures on Facebook, it is an obvious sign they are stalking you. They will always make the mistake of clicking where they never intended to and try to undo it to cover the fact that they are looking up your details all the time. If they have no crush on you, there will be no need trying to cover their tracks.

They love texting you, even when there is nothing to talk about

When someone starts texting you often, it is a sign he or she has an obvious crush on you. If he/she form the habit of texting you through the day for no reason, he/she has developed deep feelings for you. Once the friend starts getting in touch despite how busy he/she is during the day, it means he/she can't get you off his/her mind.

Portal Two: Through Body Languages

Unusual eye contact

Once you notice your friend paying more attention to what you say without getting tired of looking at you more intently than usual, it means they have come to like you a lot.

They blush when they see you

Any friend that feels awkward around you has a crush on you. If he or she fidgets while talking with you, it is a crush. If the friend's face turns red when in your company or when you are talked about, it is likely he or she has a crush on you.

They try to look better than they normally do

Once someone suddenly starts changing his or her appearance, especially when they know you will be coming around, it shows they like you a lot. A good way to measure the change in their appearance since you came into the picture is to check their Facebook accounts. You will see an obvious difference in the photos they took earlier and the ones they take now that you are around.

Mirroring Your Body Language

Imitation has been shown as a very popular sign of attraction between men and women, and people copy people they have are attracted to without meaning to do so. Most times, they don't even realize it. If a friend starts using your favorite words and slangs more often and tries doing certain things the way you do them, it shows he or she has a crush on you.

They start hugging you more often

Having regular body contact shows a strong relation between the two of you. If you find any of your friends trying to sit or stand next to you whenever you are in a group, you should know what that means.

Portal Three: They show more care than necessary, they wish to know you more and get more involved in your life.

If they have a crush on you there are several ways they will try to convey their feelings to you. They will always find an excuse to be with you, talk to you, and care for you. They are often where you are. They care much about how you feel, and always try to make you feel better. They love taking you out for dinner, etc. etc.

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Wondering how to tell if someone has a crush on you? I would love to share my experience on this. I once had a crush on a boy, and hoped to hang out with him more often, go skiing, and other stuffs like that. I stalked him on Facebook and found out he had deep interest in skiing. So when I finally got a chance to talk to him, I mentioned skiing to him casually, and asked if he would want to go skiing with me.

I'm one of those people who cannot keep their feelings for too long. I kept talking about him, how we met, how cool he is, the things we do together to my closest friends until they got tired of hearing about him.

Whenever he talked to me about other girls, I would get jealous and refuse to talk about them.

So, I can say from my experience that whoever has a crush on you thinks about you often, they will believe you are the perfect match for them in the whole wide world. You can try out the jealous test to see how much they care, though some people will maintain a neutral face to hide their feelings. Whoever is there for you anytime you need help definitely has a crush on you.
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Yes, there are many signs as there are uncertainties. I would suggest you make the necessary move and talk with him or her. There is nothing really wrong with being direct. Not knowing the real truth is, perhaps, the most painful thing. No matter how awkward it may seem, go ahead and pop the question.
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