How to tell if someone is a gay

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Hello dudes, have you ever used the "gaydar"? If yes, how can it help me know how to tell if someone is a gay or not?

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I can give you a few suggestions on how to tell if someone is a gay. I think it is reasonable to observe someone’s behaviors to tell if he/she is gay or not, but you cannot judge if a person is gay by their appearance only.

Some facts to Note:

  • You can only know a gay person if they tell you they are one, they are not usually known through a particular physical sign. Though, in order to protect themselves from unforeseen dangers and discriminations, people choose not to make open their homosexuality lifestyle.
  • Instead of giving them advice against the kind of sexual lifestyle they have chosen, try more to check their facial expressions, vocal tones, body languages, body postures, gestures. This will go along in helping you know who is a gay.
  • Whenever they talk about men or women, try to be attentive to know what they have to say about them, especially when speaking about their opposite sex.
  • Checkout for some social emotions like secrecy, shyness, anxiety. And also ask yourself some questions like: do they like dates? How often do they hang out with their opposite sex friends?
  • When a guy is exposed to more estrogen than the normal estrogen in utero, you will observe some features like lady-like walk, stature or vocal ascent. Though this does not necessarily prove them gay
  • Lookout for their personal updates on social networks.
  • Try to inquire. Ask them or their friends.

Don't forget it's only them who has the answer to whether they are gay or not so don't draw conclusions until you are sure.

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Here are some common features to lookout for when considering how to tell if someone is a gay:

When he doesn't pay serious attention to you especially on the matters like kissing and making love and withdraws himself without any meaningful excuse.

  1. He always admires men, especially on the beach when they are scarcely dressed. And in clubs he prefers to dance with a guy rather than a lady. He spends more time trying to get guys’ attention.
  2. There's a chance to believe that he is a gay if he not only has a gay friend but also lives and shares items with friends who are gay. This is very similar to the saying: "people who have the same characteristics or beliefs often want to stay together"
  3. Watching a gay porn is what many guys do, some do it occasionally to clear curiosity others do it for fun, but when a guy watches series of gay porn movies at a go, he does it for sexual satisfaction.
  4. Does he frequently buy gifts for his good looking male friends in a way trying to gain their affection?
  5. If he usually engages in secret discussions with his male friends and also unnecessary eye contacts, touches and hugs with his male folks, it is a sign he may be a gay.
  6. He usually gets irritated when you raise a discussion on gay. Because it is what he does, he will most times not like to talk about it with you to avoid arousing your suspicion.
  7. Normally spends nights with whom you know do not hang out with girls. With this you can suspect he's a gay.
  8. Usually extremely sensitive when he's with a guy most times gets aroused, this is seen mostly when he is tipsy.
  9. You can always stick to your instincts, I mean what you heart tells you about someone. Because they most times don't fail you. But always remember not to judge without a concrete evidence.

Also try to answer this question: if you're a guy and someone walks up to you and says "hello sweet can I be your friend" forwarding his hand for a handshake and on looking up you discovers he's a guy, what will run through your mind? ; )

Checkout the site below for more signs and references

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