How to upload gif to Facebook

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How to upload gif to Facebook

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If you are one of those Facebook users who have been asking how to upload gif to Facebook, this article is specifically written for your benefit. Some people can post GIF on their Facebook timeline quite successfully, but they find it hard to post GIF on the Facebook pages they manage. If you fall into this category, simply follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: It is not easy to upload your personal GIF files to Facebook. But you can either create your GIF and post it to a different hosting site, or find any GIF of your choice on sites like Imgur, Tumblr, Giphy, etc. Simply click to open the GIF, then right-click on the image of your choice.
  • Step 2: In Google Chrome, choose the option to Copy the Image URL if you use Firefox, rather, search for and choose Copy Image Location. If you use Opera, choose Copy Image Address; each browser comes with its unique address options, but in each case, all you need is an option that lets you copy the very URL that directs you to the GIF.
  • Step 3: The next step is to log into your news feed on Facebook in a new window and get the link pasted into the what is on your mind? bar located at the top of the page. Make use of Ctrl, V on your computer keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click in the box and click on paste.
  • Step 4: Give it one second and the GIF will be automatically displayed below your URL. You can either delete this URL or let it remain there-the choice is yours.
  • Step 5: Posting the GIF only requires clicking on post-it is as simple as that.
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One setback that came with the new GIF support is the inability of the Facebook user to use them when commenting on other people posts. Fortunately, there is a new Chrome extension that can help every Facebook user achieve this feat. These Facebook GIF button makes it possible for you to leave these GIFs in your comments without having to leave Facebook. The animated takeover goes on after this.

Facebook finally adds GIF support after much fuss. I'm not talking of the halfway-walk around Facebook launched last two years. You can now post your GIF in your Facebook status update for real, which reduces your use of words when you post.

This is quite easy: Just type the link to the very GIF you wish to post into your status update bar, and post. These GIFs can come from platforms such as Google, Tumblr, Imgur image searches, etc. We were initially accustomed to depending on Giphy's catalog, which was quite good at that time, but not anymore. But right now, it appears that the feature is still relatively new and while almost every user can easily post GIFs, business pages cannot access them yet.

But one good thing about learning how to upload GIF to Facebook is that it is quite easy to learn. You can do it with ease just like you enter a link to an image into your update bar. It loads like every other conventional link, and all you need to do to post it is to hit the enter button for it to be posted. Let me give you a brief GIF tutorial on how to upload GIF to Facebook.

A tiny GIF icon automatically appears right in the centre of the image. Click and enjoy. Repeat this. Then post GIFs! Today is a big day, let us celebrate.

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I post GIF image to Facebook without any problems.

I make use of

  1. Upload the GIF image to
  2. Set the GIF image visibility and album to public on the web or limited, depending on the one with the link.
  3. Click and select the GIF image
  4. Click on link to this photo
  5. Select the image without the link and choose the size you want, preferably original size.
  6. You will find link of GIF image on Embed image. Make sure a .gif ends the link.
  7. Copy the link and paste it to your Facebook page.
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