How to upload profile picture on Facebook without cropping

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asked Oct 22, 2018 in Computers & Electronics by MaybellLinde (260 points)
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I do not need any square photo as my profile picture. Now, anytime I upload any new picture of choose one of my uploaded pictures, cropping it into a square frame remains my only option. This is one way of cutting out most parts of the picture and sometimes removing other people if it is a group picture. This can be very frustrating. If you uploaded from the app, the app forces you to do this. Please who can help me learn how to upload profile picture on Facebook without cropping it. Thank You!

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answered Jan 29, 2019 by Brian706110 (360 points)
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Step 1: Visit your Timeline and Click on the photos icon. Then click the Create an Album icon

Step 2: Then you will find a File Window Explorer to enable you choose the photo you wish to use as your profile photo. It displays Uploading bar which contains upload status. Meanwhile, you have to click on the checkbox for high quality and ensure you set the alum's privacy settings to private: Only me.

Step 3: Once you are done with the uploading, check to confirm if the album has been set to only me before posting it.

Step 4: Now when you click on your photos tab on your Timeline, you can look at your private album.

Step 5: Click on the very image you wish to use as you profile photo and a window displays, which shows your private photo. Click on the options icon, then click on make profile picture as displayed in the Screenshot.

Step 6: Then you will be shown a window that shows skip cropping icon. Then you are done: You can then see your preferred photo as your profile picture without cropping it first.

Or you can watch this video to see how these procedures are done:

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answered Jul 22, 2019 by StephaineCro (210 points)
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You want to know how to upload profile picture on Facebook without cropping?

It is quite easy. Follow the steps below.

1. Change the desktop site on the address bar from (, change it to the mobile site (

2. If you are logged in already, click on photos, and choose the photo you wish to use as your profile picture.

3. Click on the confirm icon. Then you will be able to update your new profile picture without cropping it first. This applies to all photos that have been uploaded to your album or the photos that are tagged in your Timeline. For pictures that have not been uploaded, simply click on the upload photo icon.

I hope this helps you!
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