How to win a girl's heart?

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asked Apr 27, 2015 in Relationships by EdisonY0807 (250 points)
I have a crush on a girl I’ve just met. I don’t think that she knows about it or if she also feels the same way towards me but I really like her and I want to win her heart. What should I do?

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answered Jul 22, 2015 by WilliamsBarr (390 points)
The first step that you must do if you want to win that girl’s heart is talk to her. No, you don’t need to just come up to hear and all of a sudden blurt out that you are head over heels in love with her. Just a simple “hello” to start a conversation will be enough to let her know that you are alive. How you proceed will depend on her response. If she shows you her widest smile and returns your greetings then you just hit the jackpot.

Or, she might not be as enthusiastic as that, but that’s okay. What is important is that you’ve planted the seed in her mind that you are around. Do it every day (but don’t stalk her because that’s a crime) and you just might land that dream date.
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answered Apr 29, 2015 by RachelleTind (330 points)
Show your talents. Women are more attracted to men who are talented than those who don’t have any semblance of skill. It is best if you are the lead singer of the hottest band in town, but if you can’t be that man, then be contented with showing what you got. Can you paint? Paint her a picture and give it to her as a birthday gift. She’ll appreciate that and you just scored some brownie points.
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answered Oct 8, 2015 by EOLAugusta34 (310 points)
Well, my understanding of the question how to win a girl’s heart is that you cannot win a girl’s heart without complimenting her. Girls are naturally conscious of their looks and spend a lot of time in front of the mirror fixing their hair or makeup. Appreciate her effort to look good by telling her how attractive she is today. Praise her for picking a great dress or for wearing light makeup. That will make her happy and at the same time feel good being around you.
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answered Sep 28, 2015 by FranchescaGa (290 points)
I don’t know how your relation with that girl exactly looks like. But if you are fairly acquainted with each other, then you might want to share some secrets with her. It could be anything about you that other people don’t know about. By doing that, you are forming a special bond between the two of you. That will also help her open up to you. The result is longer conversation and more chance for you to occupy her mind. Follow it up with regular text or call at night and you are on your way to winning her heart.
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