How to write a Resignation letter?

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How to write a resignation letter? As much as I would love to throw everything down the desk, burn all the bridges and walk out the door, I should take this professionally. How should I write a resignation letter? Seems like the thing the young’uns would learn these days, with all the job hoppers and all. I was planning to work in this company until I got fired one day when I first got started. Things changed, I can’t get promoted anymore, I don’t think I can get any better at my job either, it’s getting really dull. It’s about time I say goodbye to the company. How should I write one that shows respect, sincerity and professionalism?

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You will be remembered for your contributions to the company from the start to the end of your employment. Leave the job on a positive note. Behave yourself and show your professionalism worthy of your future endeavors.

Well, as to how to write a resignation letter, you can start with the basics. It’s a letter, so addressed it to the right person, the HR department or your manager. You name and position of your job along with the date you are giving the letter and the effective date when you will be leaving. No reason to sugar coat it, just keeping simple.

 “Dear (Mr./Mrs./ HR department),

I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position (as position name) from (date (usually two weeks from the date you give notice, you want to leave finishing everything you started anyway)). “

Then comes the thank you. Speak positively, thanks them for the opportunity your employer has given you, describing the important things you have to learn and maybe learn to enjoy on the job. Your take away from the job, achievements you have done, etc. Even if this isn’t true, just keep it positive, you might need them for reference when getting a new job anyway. Please do not burn any bridges...

“Thank you for all the opportunities that I have received at (your company) during the past (years or months you have worked with them). I appreciate the professional development (such as...) and enjoyed (some of your favourite responsibilities).”

Finally, the passing of baton or pushing off your remaining responsibilities to someone else. State that you are willing to help out with the transition. Don’t promise anything you will deliver and don’t go into detail. Just a few lines to show your willingness to wrap-up your duties until you are officially out of the game.

“I would be glad to help with the transition. Please do not hesitate to ask.”


(your name)”

Do adjust the content based on your personal experience and culture of the company. This is a template after all. Submit the letter via typical company procedures. Good luck with the new job. Be at ease that you are going to be leaving on a happy note and focus your future on being successful in your new position. 

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Oh, thanks for the advice on how to write a resignation letter, especially the sample. It’s gonna help me a lot.
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