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My boyfriend and I are chilling out and need a topic for conversation. We are going with random questions. What should I ask him?

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Whether it is your first date or not, the questions to ask is a quick way to grab the guy’s attention. Have yours to be more interesting and original, and he will open up to you in no time. A relationship needs two people to be interested in each other and that needs interesting people. Need some interesting question to ask your boyfriend? Try the questions below for inspirations!

 Fun questions to ask your boyfriend:

1.    How would you describe yourself in a single word? How would you describe me?

2.    Do you mind shopping dresses or shoes with me?

3.    If another girl hits on you, how would you handle it? What if I wasn’t there?

4.    Weirdest thing you eat and strangely enjoy?

5.    Most embarrassing moment?

6.    Do you enjoy public displays of affection?

7.    What is your dream job or career?

8.    How would you cheer me up when I’m having a bad day?

9.    If I fall sick, would you take care of me or want me to leave you alone? What if you are sick instead?

10.    What is the ideal vacation over the weekend?

11.    Coffee or tea or none?

12.    I told a terrible joke in a party, no one laugh at it, what would you do?

13.    How many times have you fall in love?

14.    What are your favorite qualities?

15.    What are the qualities you hate?

16.    How pretty do you think a close classmate is?

17.    Opinions on marriage or live-in relationship?

18.    Interesting stories from previous relationships?

19.    Have you ever feel jealous over my male best friends?

20.    Do you believe in the red string of fate binding us together?

Naughty/sexual questions to ask your boyfriend:

1.    Are you an ass or a breast man?

2.    One of your sexual fantasies?

3.    What is your favorite sex position? Would you like to try it with me?

4.    Where do you want to try having sex in? Strangest place you want to have sex in?

5.    How much do you enjoy quickies?

6.    What do you see in perfect women?

7.    If one of us had to move away for a year or so, would you still wait for me?

8.    Favorite type of lingerie you want to see me in?

9.    If you could choose, which one of your friends would you sleep for the night with, either guy or girl?

10.    The biggest turn on during sex?

11.    The biggest turn off during sex?

12.    Do you enjoy using props in the bedroom?

13.    Sadist or masochist?

14.    What is the ultimate role-play for you?

15.    Do you love to do French kissing?

16.    Your best friends told you I am a bad influence, what would you do?

17.    I was out of the country and no one will know, would you sleep with another girl?

18.    What would you like me to wear that will turn you on next time?

19.    Phone sex, yes or no?

20.    How far are you willing to sexually experiment with me?

21.    What do you think a girl should be wearing on the bed? Or she shouldn’t wear any?

22.    Masturbation experience? What do you think or watch while doing it?

23.    The sexiest clothes you will ever wear to impress me.

24.    Do you sleep naked or in pajamas?

25.    Does size matter or is it how good you can make use of yours?

26.    Will you buy condoms or want me to be on the pill?

27.    How do you like my perfume?

28.    What do you think about my size?

29.    Any guy ever confessed that they have the heart for you?

30.    How far will you go to impress me on the bed?

This list of questions are by no means exhaustive, make some on your own and add on to this list! The following link is a good source for these questions:

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