Questions to ask your girlfriend

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What are some cool and cheeky questions to ask your girlfriend while chatting?

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  1. Something you had experience and hope to never to again?
  2. An interesting habit you have?
  3. How would you describe your best friend?
  4. One thing you had done in the past that you wish to change?
  5. Biggest fear?
  6. The country or place in this world you would love to live in?
  7. Would you choose to be with your true love or surrounding by money?
  8. Happiest childhood memory?
  9. The most romantic date you can think off?
  10. What would you change in your look and personality?
  11. The biggest inspiration in your life?
  12. Something you wish you could still do back in your childhood days?
  13. What do you dislike the most about dating?
  14. Your dream career?
  15. How close are you with your family and relatives?
  16. The biggest inspiration from a movie to your life outlook?
  17. Where do you feel the safest and most comfortable in this world?
  18. What is at the top of your bucket list?
  19. What do you think is the ultimate goal in your life?
  20. What caught your eyes the most the first time you saw me?
  21. Have you ever given a guy a kiss or make out simply because you were feeling horny?
  22. The naughtiest experience you had in the school days?
  23. If you were to do something naughty for me, what would you have me do?
  24. Ever dreamt how it feels like to be a lesbian?
  25. Thongs or panties?
  26. What is your most sensitive body part?
  27. Do you prefer a kiss by itself or do you prefer it done with other things simultaneously?
  28. The wildest sexual fantasy you had that you will indulge in at least once?
  29. The most unexpected orgasm you had ever experienced?

29 questions in total. You are welcome ;)

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some of those you should not ask your girlfriend i should know i am a girl!!!!!
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There are techniques to ask all those questions to your girlfriend. As much as going the kinky route is more always more fun, keep the questions light hearted and open-ended for starters. This gives her more stuff to talk about more questions to ask. Being interested in what she said is probably the most important part. Start with asking about her studies or her hobbies, then slowly go into politics or something sensitive as you know each other more. Here are questions to ask your girlfriend!

  1. What do you usually do on your own free time?
  2. Music or movie that influences the way you live the most?
  3. Your first impression of me?
  4. Favorite food and beverage?
  5. What would you change about me?
  6. Things you wish you did or didn’t do in the past?
  7. The most exciting thing you had ever done?
  8. What makes the perfect day for you?
  9. What empowers or motivates you?
commented Mar 16, 2016 by bob the builder (230 points)
aw now that was cute!!! lol
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