What the Why Do We Do That bridal shower game is about?

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I was recently at a bridal shower where the game “why do we do that” game was played. I was only half listening in to what the game was about, because I’m not typically a game player. However I found this game interesting because of some facts that I heard about weddings. Can you please explain what this game is all about?

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answered Jun 29, 2015 by Cambria (960 points)
At most bridal showers, you will probably notice that there are a variety of games that are played. Some of these games are designed as ice breakers for the guests that may not know each other and others are actually designed to provide a little bit of insight into why certain wedding traditions are practiced.

The “why do we do that” bridal shower game is actually played so that people gain an understanding of why there are certain superstitions and folktales in place surrounding weddings. There are many interesting facts to be learned from playing this game. For example, the ring finger was designated because it contains the vein of love. Brides wear veils because it wards off evil spirits. A bride wears white because many years ago it was designed to prove the brides worthiness. While some traditions have changed over the years, many of them described in the “why do we do that” game remain the same.
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When I got married, one of the first things that my bridesmaids wanted to do was find the most interesting games available for my bridal shower. While I wasn’t particularly interested in what games they decided to play, I did find the Why Do We Do That bridal shower game fun and interesting.

I learned a lot about some of the traditions that are practiced today. For example, women carry bouquets of flowers on their wedding day to ward off evil spirits. The concept of cutting the cake together by the couple is supposed to symbolize their togetherness for the future. The bride wears something blue because this signifies that she and her groom are actually royalty on that day. Having a ring bearer in place is because it was said that if the rings fell on the ground, the marriage would be doomed before it even really got started. There were a lot of little interesting facts about weddings learned by playing this game and I think it’s a great game for any bridal shower.
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