Why abortion should be legal?

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I'm writing an essay on this topic. I was thinking that it is easy to write, but now I feel it hard to prove something. So I wanted your opinions on this topic. So what do you think, why should abortion be legal?

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I collected some arguments for your assignment:

1. Prevents illegitimate abortions

Making abortions illegal won’t stop people from getting abortions, they would just get abortions through unlawful means. Illegal abortions cause women to die, either from an incomplete abortion or as a result of infection from an unsafe abortion. Also, if an abortion is not performed correctly, the fetus could survive but have severe birth defects. The criminals who would be performing these illegal abortions could blackmail or abuse their patients and use the money for further criminal activity, like human trafficking.

2. Prevents child abuse and neglect

Unwanted pregnancies can later become neglected children. Even if the child is wanted, being born into a house plagued by drug abuse or poverty can also lead to neglect. If the parent is in an abusive relationship, the child may also fall victim to abuse, even before they are born.

3. Prevents poverty

Having a child is an expensive venture that not everyone can afford. Some pregnancies are unwanted because the child will have to live in poverty, or make the family’s financial situation even worse. When parents can’t afford to care for their children, the government has to provide financial assistance from taxpayers. This money could go towards healthcare for everyone.

4. Prevents trauma

If the child was created through rape, especially if the mother is disabled or a minor, going through the pregnancy could be traumatic. If the parents know that the child is going to have a severe disability, having that child could be a traumatic experience for the parents. Also, forcing someone to carry such a pregnancy to term is condemning that child to a lifetime of suffering and pain.

5. Freedom of choice

Putting restrictions on women’s reproductive rights in this way would affect other related rights. Mothers already face a lot of prejudice. For instance, having a child can end your career because of having to take maternity leave and hire a sitter to care for the child. Refusing women power over their own bodies is prejudiced and contributes to preexisting social problems.

6. Overpopulation

Earth is already overpopulated and resources are quickly depleting. Unwanted pregnancies are common, due to poor sex education and health care. Without abortion, overpopulation would only get worse, which would hurt the economy.

7. Save lives, and health

For many women, pregnancy is very dangerous. For example, child brides in third world countries often die from their pregnancy, or suffer severe effects. Women with cancer would be unable to receive treatments while pregnant and would die. Also, as mentioned above, the baby could have health problems and carrying the pregnancy to term could mean having a child with a very poor quality of life.

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answered May 20, 2019 by karina (520 points)
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Forcing a new mother to have a child that is unwanted can be damaging to the child when it is born. The parents can harbor resentment for the unwanted child and push them into the social system. This is damaging to the children and the already inadequate social system.
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answered Dec 16, 2018 by Niesha (850 points)
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Abortion should remain legal.  Women should have control over her body and the decision to carry a child should be hers. It infringes upon a woman’s rights to say that she cannot make the decision to terminate her pregnancy. That's why abortion should be legal for people everywhere.
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I think Abortion should be legal, it is the woman's body the baby is in she should have the right to say no if necessary. although if we legalize it, there has to be some rules to come along with it. a woman should only be allowed 2 times in her life time. and if it is legalized a woman should think it through a thousand times.
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Well, whatever your name is, the answer is quite simple. It shouldn't be. God made mosquitoes to help women reproduce, and sexism. Thank you for your question.

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