Why am I not gaining muscle?

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asked Jun 8, 2015 in Health & Wellness by Genia (680 points)
I have been going to the gym now for a few months. I have been working really hard lifting weights in hopes of gaining large amounts of muscle. I started to see results within about three weeks, but now it seems like I have reached a stopping point. Why am I not gaining muscle anymore?

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answered Jun 13, 2015 by Jamie (860 points)
When people first start going to the gym they think that if they workout 6-7 days a week they will see immediate results. However, most are extremely disappointed when they find that they just aren’t getting the results they want in the time that they have put in. There are a variety of reasons why not gaining muscle could possibly be happening. One of the most significant things that people don’t think about when they are working out hard is how much they are eating. Many people who are looking to gain muscle typically find themselves fighting a losing battle because they are not consuming enough calories. Rather, they are eating a diet that isn’t high enough in calories so they can’t gain muscle and may even find that they are losing muscle in the process. In order to see big gains, try adding food that is higher in calories but still healthy for you. Eat foods rich in protein and try mixing up your weight lifting routine. You will be seeing results in no time with this easy fix.
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answered Jun 15, 2015 by Xoshia (700 points)
Before finding reasons why you’re not gaining muscle, think about these questions first: Did you recently start an exercise routine and are hoping to get huge muscle gains out of it? Are you stuck trying to figure out why you aren’t gaining any muscle after months of hard work? Maybe you need to mix up your routine a little bit. Sometimes people get into a workout routine and fail to realize that in order for them to get stronger, they have to mix things up a bit.

Maybe you simply aren’t training hard enough. Increasing intensity of your workouts can cause muscle confusion which can help build muscle faster. Maybe you’re not getting enough rest. Failing to get enough rest at night doesn’t give your muscles enough time to recover. Poor recovery can result in muscle damage which isn’t going to get you the results you want.
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Increasing intensity of the workouts? Well, I’m not sure this is the answer to "why am I not gaining muscle." What if they are having pretty intense workouts already?
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