Why animal testing is good?

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Please I need the advantages of animal testing and its medical importance.

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Here they are:

1. Animal testing aids the discovery of medical solutions to different ailments.

The main advantage of animal testing is its usefulness in the formulation of drugs by researchers and medical experts as a way of improving medicine and health. Animal testing has made a lot of medical treatments possible. Some areas this has helped in the discovery of both preventive and curative drugs are in the fight against diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, polio, Ebola, etc. Animal testing has helped in the formulation of vaccines and antibiotics to keep a number of these ailments at bay.

2. Animal testing helps to improve human health.

Animal testing is considered very important for the health of humans for this reason. And also accounts for the widespread supports it gets from both the scientists and the general public. There are some group of persons who are in support of animal testing for medical uses, but strongly against it for cosmetic uses.

3. Animal testing makes drugs safer.

Animal testing is also important in ensuring drug safety and the safety of several other chemical substances humans use in their daily activities. Most drugs can have some dangerous ingredients in them that can be quiet injurious to humans, but animal testing ensures these drugs are safe before they are used on human beings. This goes a long way to protect humans from harm and possible death-not only from avoiding the dangerous drugs, but also from the curative effects of these drugs on humans.

4. Other testing methods do not show the effects these drugs will have on humans.

Animals are considered to have several features with humans, which explains their choice for drug testing. Though scientists know there are limitations and differences when it comes to using animal testing to gauge the effect of certain drugs on humans, but they go ahead to make use of these animals because they are the closest things to humans anywhere.

The link below contains another 40 reasons why animal testing is important to human life.


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Advantages: people are saved from death from drug-testing related complications. Producing and keeping mice are very simple and easy processes. With the lower risk involved in testing mice, several rounds of testing can be carried out to make sure the drugs under test pose no risk to humans.
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Why animal testing is good? Animal testing, especially the use of mice for testing cancer drugs have continued to yield very positive results as more successes are recorded on cancer treatments. Those with breast cancer now have much higher survival rates, all thanks to the humanized mouse protein known as herceptin. Without the animal testing on mice, this would have been a very difficult feat to achieve.

Researches on animals have led to the development of very highly effective Anti-Retroviral Therapies. Owing to this, AIDS has ceased being the ticket to death.

Though Fleming formulated Penicillin without animal testing, the Nobel Prize he won for his efforts was shared with other scientists like Chain and Florey who tested it on mice, and found out the best way to use penicillin to fight infections in the human body.
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