Why are black people so athletic?

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I apologize if you see this as a racist question, but I couldn't help asking because I have come to take note of the obvious fact that black people are always lean and muscular. Even some who do not take part in any sport still possess these athletic features, but white men appear more skinny and lanky even when they are serious and accomplished athletes. What is the reason for this? Let me know if you have the answer.

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Saying black people are more athletic than whites won't be an accurate assumption at all, though the media have always tried to make it appear so. The media keep hammering on the athletic nature and abilities of black people over their equally or even more talented white counterparts.

In my opinion, this is not a very fair generalization. The truth is that black people are known to dominate certain sports because they grow up loving such sports, keeping to the rules and principles of their sports of choice and train very hard to get to the top.

Genetically, white people are not more skate or fit to play hockey. Hockey began in suburbs where the populations of blacks were quite little. In the United States, where several urban black men and women are still economically impoverished, free basketball courts is obviously available and becomes the sporting activity of choice. Those of them who end up as NBA stars grew up training vigorously and rigorously to excel in the sport.

Soccer remains one true global kind of sport, and you can find just as many great black football stars as you can find their white counterparts.

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You can conduct a very quick search to find out if blacks/Africans possess some extra muscles in their legs. The fact that it is a false claim doesn't mean google won't churn out several results that support this claim. However, in reality, biology plays little or no part in the determination of athletic abilities, but where one was born and raised can be a major determining factor. For example, Kenyans live in a society that requires them to run to school daily. It won't be wrong for one to think that the fact that the average Kenyan kid runs over 5km to and from school daily explains why they perform excellently well in marathons. I did a quick google search myself and it took me to one article that talked about the stereotypes of black people in sports.
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Why are black people so athletic? The reasons are mainly culture and economic conditions... It has nothing to do with altitude or genetics. Another factor can be responsible is long running careers that began when they were quite young:

  • Economic conditions: Running places no barriers – it is a sport for the poor, unlike other sports like rowing, swimming, or even football. Even if you love playing basketball, but because you are poor, you might not get the opportunity to play your favorite game. So the next option to you would be to start running. Another factor could be poverty because the more severe the economic situation of a people, the lesser they weigh. When you weigh less, you make a better runner. So running is seen by some as a way of coming out of poverty.
  • Culture: Running remains the most popular sport in countries like Ethiopia and Kenya. So people from such backgrounds where poverty still hold sway try to become celebrities or get out of poverty by running.
  • Environment: Acres of open lands, no transportation or cars anywhere, so to get to school each day and back home after school, you must run. Students are not the only ones that run; to get to work or store as a working adult in places like Kenyan villages, you must run.
  • Genetics: These account for only a few portion why there are more successful black athletes than whites.
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