Why are goals important?

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My girlfriend is constantly nagging me about the need to set goals. I get that goals are important if you’re actually planning something big (like buying a house or something), but for everyday life, what’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m a total slob who’s living at home, claiming benefits and hoping to never have to get a job. I went to college (which my girlfriend says doesn’t count as achieving a goal because my parents picked my major), am now employed in a job that I like and am pretty happy with life. Why are goals so important to some people? I just don’t feel the importance of setting goals.

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Goals are meant to set a target for something you want to achieve, and having a goal keeps that end target in perspective while other things are going on in your life that could be distracting. Simply put, goals are important because they keep you moving forward by reminding you what you’re working for. We all have internal wants and desires, and setting a goal is just a way of making those wants concrete and committing yourself to see it through. That means they don’t have to be big things like buy a house at the beach or become a CEO, but it can be helpful for organizing your wants.
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A goal gives you a focus to aim for. Imagine you are shooting a gun without a target. Where would and can you aim? You could be aiming and shooting for something just for the sake of it. Why would you aim at there? The purpose of it? It is what life with no goal in mind will be like. Your life goes too slowly feel pointless and a waste of effort and energy. You can have all the talents and potential in the world, but the lack of focus gives your ability no use. You can’t achieve anything unless a goal is set and you are focused to attain it. Goals give the direction for you to take in life. Focus your mind on the target or you could just spend all those energy aimlessly shooting. Set a goal, since you are pretty happy with life, then why not set the goal to be giving your girlfriend a happy life with you?
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Newsflash! Your girlfriend is probably just harping on about goals because she’s waiting for you to propose! She probably doesn’t care about your professional/career goals – she wants you to set goals like a. propose, b. marry her, c. have kids. Best start ring shopping!
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Lol, you must be kidding?? I refuse this answer to why are goals important…
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Maybe she feels like she’s moving ahead with her life whilst you’re a bit stagnant in yours? The importance of goal setting can’t be understated. Goals give your life focus, they help you to move in a positive direction, they help you to track your progress and they give you motivation. For example, you want to go on a big, overseas holiday, but you don’t think you can afford it. So you set a goal – “in twelve months time, I will book my dream holiday.” Then you set smaller goals to help you keep on track and work towards your goal. It might be things like making your lunch at home instead of buying it every day, setting a budget and sticking to it, setting up a savings account…sure you could do all these things any day you want, but if you have a set goal in mind, you will have more motivation to stick to your plan, you’ll be able to track how well you’re doing along the way and you’ll be rewarded at the end when you achieve your goal.
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So you asked why are goals important? Ever heard the expression “a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step”? Goals make the seemingly impossible possible. By breaking an impossible goal (for example, buying your own home) down into small achievable steps (saving an extra $50 a week, saving $2600 a year, saving that amount every year, for five years), you are able to work your way slowly towards the end goal (in five years you have saved enough for a deposit on your first home). What do top athletes, successful businessmen and actors with flourishing careers have in common? They all set goals. Anyone can muddle along through life. But to be thriving in life, you need to understand the importance of setting goals and then actually start setting some!
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Yeah, why are goals important is definitely a question that we need to think about. Sometimes we give up on big dreams or things we want because the path to get there looks impossible, or like more work than we’re willing to put in. I achieved my dream of being a lawyer, but there was a long period of time in my life where I gave up on it because it seemed like too much time and money. So goals are important because you can set up a series of smaller goals like stepping stones to get to your bigger goal. Don’t give up on things you want because you don’t want to set goals, use them to your advantage instead to make getting what you want easier!
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