Why are Jews disliked?

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Why all the hate towards the Jews? What did they ever done? I mean if killing crucifying the son of God back then is enough to still give them the bad rep, then what did they actually do these days that still have them disliked? The only stereotype I’m aware of is their stinginess with money. So why are Jews disliked?

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One of the main reasons I think is because they are considered responsible for Jesus Christ’s death and so all the Jewish people need to be punished. It's such a huge implication as a justification for violence towards the Jews. The Jews will continue to be persecuted as long as religious radicals are reminded that the death of the son of God is the responsibility of a race. The Bible, however, states that the Romans are the one who killed them, the Jews are a partner in crime.

So where’re the attacks on the Romans? Jesus himself wants the people to forgive the prosecutor since they themselves do not know what they did. But then in 1963, the Second Vatican Council makes it’s official that the Jews indeed had killed Jesus. All the Jews are responsible and share the guilt of their predecessors. Every Jews would need to repent their sins. Fast forward now and the hate continues because one of the world’s biggest religions just does not want to uphold peace and love.
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So why are Jews disliked? Funny enough, they are still the most powerful race in the world. They have always been successful people, taking over medicinal, media, technological industry and many more. The rest of the world is obviously envious with their ingenuity to face challenges and come out on top, despite being massacred ever 21 years in different eras. When Jews are not allowed to own lands and property, they resort to money landing, controlling the financial sectors and trading, or the kind of works that does not involve physical labor. They are pretty much hardy people that have been tested through the history as “the chosen few”. People hate them because of all the disproportionate success that should be impossible for them. The creator of Google and Facebook are Jews too; NBC, CBS and ABC are also built by Jews, and about 52% of the non-fiction Pulitzer awards are held by Jews.
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The USA is blindly supporting Israel, the capital of the Jews. With the theory that the Jews controlling the majority of the Western world wealth, USA would really need to offer all the support it can to have Israel on their sides. The media and Banks are owned by Jews in the USA, so is the healthcare and many other industries that drives the USA economy. The USA would need to continue supplying Israel with just enough ammunition and technological support to not have the Arabs siding with the Soviets for backups.

There is also a religion side to the problem. While the law dictates the separation of the Church and the States, the people are still in the majority in support of decisions made by their religion. Imagine what will happen if the USA decides to stop supporting Israel. It will be an immediate political suicide for the one making the decision since that’s where all the votes are, at the people who believe that by the government doing so is the same as denying the right to their religion.
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This reason of why are Jews disliked has got a good point.
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