Why are men so stupid?

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asked Aug 2, 2019 in Relationships by Ceri (1,030 points)
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It seems like every time I turn around there is a man standing around being absolutely ridiculous. They always seem so childish and I just want to know, why are men so stupid?

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answered Aug 6, 2019 by Chelsey (1,290 points)
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In my opinion, the answer to why men are so stupid is fairly simply. They don’t mature as quickly as women. It seems like no matter how old a woman gets a man never seems to catch up to her maturity. Men simply don’t use their head most of the time. They are simple creatures that think about only a few things in their lives; sex, money, and their favorite hobby. Even after a man is married and has kids it doesn’t seem to get better. In fact, I would dare to say that men start acting even more foolish once they have children because all of a sudden their desire to act like a child becomes an every day occurrence in which they justify by using their own children as an excuse for bad behavior. Men are so stupid because of their need for immature antics and games.
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answered Aug 4, 2019 by jacquie (1,070 points)
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I wouldn’t necessarily say that men are stupid, but I don’t think that they always use their heads. When a man decides that he wants to do something, he doesn’t always think through the entire problem. Rather, he comes up with a strategy that seems like a quick fix for the immediate problem but doesn’t think about any of the future consequences to his actions. Unfortunately for most men, this makes them appear even more stupid than they actually may be.
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answered Aug 10, 2019 by jennifer (550 points)
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Men aren’t stupid, they just don’t always think about how their actions affect others. Most of the time, a man will find a solution to a problem but doesn’t always implement it the way it should be. While that may seem frustrating for some, it doesn’t necessarily make a man stupid. There are some men in today’s society that are incredibly talented, but if you look deep into their past, they more than likely made some extremely poor decisions. That doesn’t make them stupid, it makes them human. There are women out there that make the same type of mistakes as men. Categorizing all men with the label of stupid isn’t always a fair assessment of the gender.
commented Mar 25, 2015 by Talitha (550 points)
I think this is a more reasonable answer to this why are men so stupid question.
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