Why are my cheeks red?

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asked Jul 20, 2019 in Health & Wellness by MammieW53867 (240 points)
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Is having red cheeks normal? I mean like having a blush is natural and all, but I seem to get the cheeks red often for no reason. It’s really embarrassing. I don’t even work under the sun, so my natural skin should be fair, even pale, which makes it even worse since the red looks so much redder. Why are my cheeks red?

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answered Aug 6, 2019 by CandelariaPr (360 points)
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In most cases, red cheeks should be caused by heat or the lack of it. Cooling your body in the hot scenario will actually get rid of the redness. Try chewing on ice or drinking some cold water. Maybe just some splash of cold water onto the face should reduce the color immediately. On the other hand, cold temperature will turn it red too. Simply cover your face and keep it warm. Allergies can be a cause too. Identify it and avoid the source at all cause. It is actually possible to develop a new allergy with enough time, so that might be a reason if your face has only started getting red lately.
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answered Aug 10, 2019 by LeannaSuggs5 (360 points)
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So you asking why are my cheeks red? See, your cheeks could be red because of a skin problem. This is actually a pretty common skin disorder, called rosacea, that if left untreated can be potentially disfiguring. It’s not infectious in any way, often only appearing when you are at least 30 and is hereditary. The symptoms? Blushing or flushing easily. They are the kind of skin problem that develops gradually, so more often than not, people overlooked it as just skin sensitivity or mistaken as acne attacks.

At the start, redness should be apparent on the nose, chin, forehead or the cheeks. Gradually, the colour will last longer and deepens, often occurring more frequently. Visible blood vessels should appear on the skin eventually. Pimples and bumps will develop if not treated. The eyes could be affected too, causing them to be bloodshot, irritated and watery.

Currently, there is no cure for rosacea. Treatment on the early stages, however, is really effective. Call up your dermatologist to consult on this problem. In general, you should receive some antibiotics as the first line of medication, followed by metronidazole cream or gel to be applied directly on the skin.
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answered Aug 9, 2019 by YMZViolette (160 points)
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Your skin might just be especially sensitive. There is plenty of trigger for red cheeks from everyday things. Foods high in salt and fat should be avoided, since those might raise your blood pressure which results in more blood pumped around your face to give that “flushed” looks. Sun exposure is one of the main culprits as well. Stress can actually be another reason, it is surprisingly easy to get acne when you are under huge stress, which might make your cheeks redder. Then there are cosmetics. Your skin might be sensitive to foreign chemicals, so use the ones that are non-comedogenic, hypoallergnic and non-irritating.
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