Why are my lips so dry?

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My lips stay dry all through the year. Summer or winter, I use Chap Stick at all times. What makes my lips so dry? Is it out of dehydration or does dehydration have nothing to do with my dry lips?

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I'm not sure the factor that makes your lips dry is. Here I list the most common situations and the solutions:

1. You probably have been using a lip barrier instead of a lip balm.

There are chances that this barrier contains lots of petroleum, and I won't sanction it if you really wishes to help your dry lips, because it can't do shit. All it ever does is to wrap itself over your lips like a film of sticky thick grease. But it neither adds moisture nor encourages dehydration.

2. You have used drying cosmetics.

Most glosses and lipsticks does this, sadly. Some can be quite terrible. They may have very nice colors and textures, but often leave creases and cracks in your lips after a day. I did apply one of my favorite long-lasting lipsticks to a dinner hosted in my honor a night to my wedding, but it turned out to be a very bad idea because my lip was in a mess on my wedding day, no thanks to the stupid lipstick.

This is not limited to lipsticks. You can often swipe some foundation or BB cream on your lips and it can always leave some damages. It is no longer in vogue to apply some concealer before applying your lip gloss because it only leaves you with more cracks. The better option now is to use a nude pencil or a lip primer.

3. You are dehydrated.

Whenever I develop dry lips from makeup, which happens very often, my makeup artist always scolds me for failing to drink enough water. Your lip is one of the first places you are likely experience cracks when your body does not get enough water. So next time you get a dry lip, check your water consumption. You could have possibly been taking less water than your body requires. Start drinking!

4. The environment wallops you.

Heaters in the winter season, AC in summer, wind, snow, salt, sun, etc., it sees the earth get a fair share in Burt's Bees. The way out is, be prepared always: do more prevention than treatment. So always think about your lips. Use a moisturizing lip balm or barrier if you love using them to protect your lips. Equally use SPF to protect yourself from the sun to avoid getting aged or burnt lips, or at least a cold sore.

5. You lick them often.

For God's sake, you should have some self-restraint. This is like offering a drunken girl more tequila because she feels thirsty. Do not do this.

Wish my words could help you.

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Why are my lips so dry? Mechanical factors that remove moisture from the lips are the main causes of dry lips or lip chapping. For instance, severe chapped lips often occur in people who often lick or pick their lips. This can become a whole lot better if you learn to control this habit.

Eczema is also a possible occurrence which can cause the inflammation of the lips. Having eczema on your lips alone may not be a common thing, but if there are eczemas on the other parts of your body, your lip dryness may as well be from it. Keeping the affected part of your body well moisturized is an effective way to treat eczema. Using a steroid cream may also be necessary to reduce the redness and itching. You can get more advice on this from your doctor because you are not expected to use any kind of steroid cream on your face without appropriate medical supervision.

A dryness that affects only one corner of your mouth, may be due to angular cheilitis, which can be due to a fungal infection or nutritional deficiency. Talking to your local health provider may be a good step towards getting rid of the problem.
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There is many common ways that made your lip dry. One cause is the weather. May be to hot may be to cold. Or you're a chronic dieter. Maybe your skin moisturizer is not able to reach the top and is under your skin? you can be dehydrated? Are have drink 8 glass of water each and everyday?? Some makeup causes chapped lip so many lipgloss or watever are very bad for the poor lip! So maybe try some moisturizer, what i recommend {vaseline} work like a charm. If nothing works then have most quickly go visit your doctor. Hope this help have in the future
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