Why are Pisces so mean?

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asked May 5, 2019 in Entertainment by WendellT0046 (290 points)
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As much as people can be selfish and mean, I’ve always viewed Pisces to be the worse in general. Why are Pisces so mean?

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answered Aug 4, 2019 by Wilfredo36F (370 points)
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Everyone can be mean at times, just not the Pisces. Isn’t Pisces known for being the kind and selfless people? I guess, they could appear to be mean to you because of some of the reasons:

They are straightforward people when alone. Pisces commonly lock themselves in their own room for an hour, not because there are anything wrong with them. Socializing for the whole day probably put them on an autopilot of the sort. They need time to recharge and gather their thoughts then feel productive afterwards. So if you did find a mean Pisces and want to be left alone, he really just might want to be alone.

Pisces are introverted by blood. They often actively tries to meet and get new people, but then wouldn’t know it when those people already switch and ends up with real actual friends. It becomes really difficult for the Pisces to be around or hanging out with people that he doesn’t feel that close with. So it might come off to you as being closed off or fake. In reality, it’s just their inborn capacity for curiosity to find out about people’s lives and stories. Let the Pisces be themselves, excuse them for the many questions that might instead sound blunt and affronting.

They could also be really oversensitive. If one your Pisces friend has been quiet lately, you might accidently hurt them with your words by accident. Be careful with what you said, although be honest with your feeling as well, since Pisces can sense the wariness in your emotion.

You might want to know more about Pisces: http://zodiac-signs-astrology.com/zodiac-signs/pisces.htm

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answered Jul 16, 2019 by MiloLeedom16 (340 points)
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Why are Pisces so mean? I had never actually heard or known of any Pisces to be selfish and mean. Our zodiac is said to be the most selfless and kind as far as I know. I think most of us are kind, although we can be really sarcastic. I think we never mean to be mean, but like everyone else, some of us can be cranky and moody at times.

Not to speak for everyone here, as a Pisces, I have never been intentionally meaning to anyone on purpose. I watch for the words I use and always think for others before I act, I consciously choose not to hurt others. I am selfless, others’ feelings should go before mine and so I try my best to please everyone. I have to be fair and just as the compromise and peacemaker. That’s probably a Libra influence on the last few things, though.

But yes, Pisces male can be quite rude, I wouldn’t really know since I haven’t met one myself. I still believe that Pisces like me are kind, good people in general.
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answered Jul 31, 2019 by CarmellaFinc (340 points)
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Never heard of any Pisces being mean or selfish at all. I have a Pisces younger brother and can be really sweet. I do notice that often he just speaks his mind out and that might hurt others, could just be some sort of defense mechanism, so he looks hardy and not to be messed with. He was really sensitive until I pretty much force him to act tough. Maybe that’s why are Pisces so mean?

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