Why are the Kardashians rich?

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The Kardashian clan seems to be everywhere these days. From TV specials to their ever expanding fashion line they have built an empire for themselves. But why are the Kardashian’s so rich? How did they build such a large empire while barely being known for anything?

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Many of us are familiar with Kim Kardashian who originally gained notoriety for the sex tape with singer/songwriter Ray J. While things such as a sex tape don’t typically make a person famous, in this instance it seems to propel Kim right into the spotlight. She began popping up on social scenes and was also being paid for club appearances all around the world. That is not the only thing that has made Kim and her family a ton of money. All of the Kardashians are rich because they have learned to market their name. From clothing lines, sock lines, fragrances, and personal appearances all over the world, I guess the Kardashians are getting rich for just being the Kardashians.
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The Kardashian empire has been in the making long before Kim Kardashian burst onto the social scene. While most of their lives have been marred drama and personal tragedies, the Kardashians always seem to come out on top. But why are the Kardashians rich? To fully understand their wealth, you need to take a look back at the man who started it all for them, Robert Kardashian.

You may remember Robert as being the lawyer for O.J. Simpson. While that seems to be the only reason that people remember his name, the reality is that Robert Kardashian had been a top ranked lawyer for many years prior making millions of dollars from celebrity clients. Since his passing, his children have been extremely successful by creating wealth from not only being in the public eye but also being able to brand them worldwide.
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