Why are the Simpsons yellow?

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As an avid Simpsons fan, I have always wondered why The Simpsons characters are all coloured yellow. It is certainly eye catching and special. But aside from being an interesting colour choice, is there a reason on why they are all yellow? ‚Äč

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answered Aug 9, 2019 by india (820 points)
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Matt Groening, one of the creators of The Simpsons, himself revealed that the choice of colour is strategic. A yellow character was unconventional at the time for cartoon colours, it ends up becoming one of the defining characteristics of the Simpsons. When you are browsing through the television channels and came across a flash of yellow, you instantly know you are watching The Simpsons. Colouring the Simpsons in yellow is just a really simple, yet clever marketing strategy.
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this is why are the Simpsons yellow? interesting...
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answered Aug 11, 2019 by cheyen (870 points)
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In one of the early episodes of The Simpsons however, one of the now recurring characters, Mr. Smithers, used to be browned skin with a light blue hair instead of yellow skin and grey hair. This is a onetime case where the animators accidently coloured him and made him into an African-American, a mistake they would later change in order to avoid controversy. Back then, The Simpsons have constraint budget and altering the colour of one character would be too expensive. Matt Groening would claim now that the yellow colour is just a smart design choice to catch our eye when we are flicking through the TV channels, but for all we know, it might just be a cost saving method that works and defined the animation now.
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