Why are you applying for customer service position?

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I really need a job. I am 18, and a high school senior. All of my friends work in customer service. They say it’s an easy job. I applied to a few customer service jobs and I now have two interviews. My problem is that I know they are going to ask me why I want to work in customer service. I don’t think I should say the truth: I need money, my friends say customer service is easy. I really need a job so please help me figure out what I should say. Thanks.

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I’m not sure if this will help but my mom has always worked in customer service. Now, though, she gets so mad because most people in customer service are now rude and they don’t really care to help you (which is their job!!!!). I have decided that I want to work in customer service so I can show others how it should be done. Without customers, customer service people do not have work. They should realize this. If they are rude to a customer or don’t help, they shouldn’t have a job. And the customer may not come back, which hurts the business. I would tell them that you want to actually help customers and make customers want to come back. That’s my reason anyway.

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Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I like this reason!!!
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Why are you applying for a customer service position? I want to say something about this job.

I work in customer service. I have since High School (20 years almost). I started for the same reasons as you but I stayed because customer service is such a benefit to me. I started bagging because I was under the age to run a till. While I was bagging though, I had chances to work with design management with promoting upcoming sales. After I turned 18, I started running till. Within 3 years I began managing my own area of the store. For the last 9 years, I have been hiring manager. Not only have I grown with the company, I have grown as a person. I found that I love to help people. Making someone else have less stress makes me very happy. I love to help people go from stressful situation to calm smile. I also have returning customers that I have formed a bond with. I have made friends for life while working customer service!
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Your question is, Why are you applying for customer service position? Actually, there are great reasons to work in customer service! You could say any of the following because they are good reasons, and most likely reasons the employer will want to hear from you.

  • You get to work with people constantly. It doesn’t matter what type of customer service job you have, you are working with people. If you like to socialize and engage with other people, customer service is a great field to work in! However, on the opposite note, if you are not good with people or if you are the shy and quiet type, you really may want to rethink a customer service job.
  • You get to help people. If helping people makes you happy, customer service is the job for you. Essentially “customer service” is “giving service to the customer.” So, if helping others works for you, definitely give customer service a try! If not, you should look into another area of work.
  • In customer service, not only do you get to work with and help customers, you most likely will be working closely with others in a team environment. You get to smile, be upbeat, and work with other great people. How awesome is that for a job you get paid for?!!
  • Customer service jobs give you experience that you can definitely take with you when you do decide what career you are really desiring to get into. Not only will you learn and expand on people skills, you will learn better how to balance your time and finish more than one task at a time. These two skills, on their own, makes for a great employee in any work force.
  • If you end up liking the customer service field, there is another great reason to stay in it! Most customer service companies promote from within! You could be a bagger when you start and be a manager within a year or two! Now, that’s a great reason to start a job…..to gain a career!
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