Why aren’t I losing weight?

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asked Feb 11, 2019 in Health & Wellness by Shareen (900 points)
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I tried so hard this past month to exercise and keep a close watch on my diet. But no matter what I did, I don’t seem to lose any weight! It’s really frustrating, put so much effort into it and yet there is no visible result. I do feel healthier for sure, but I want to be slimmer! I did a daily jog of about 3 kilometers a day and followed by a few sets of cardio exercises. I have been eating more salads and drink more water than I ever did my whole life. Still, there is no result to show! Why aren’t I losing weight?

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answered Jul 21, 2019 by Dianne (900 points)
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You aren’t losing weight probably because your routine is not as effective despite all the effort you put in. To lose weight, you need to change your lifestyle to a more active. You are still really sedentary if you spend 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer or a desk working and only went out to hit the gym or exercise two hours a day. Try to make your life more active by incorporating as much physical activity you can squeeze in between. Maybe try to walk around more during work breaks, or regularly stand up to stretch. Your supervisor might hate you more if you’re distracting,but tell him it helps you to be more productive. You should feel more refreshed throughout the day too.
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answered Apr 24, 2019 by Alisa (650 points)
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You need to work on your eating habit. It’s not enough that you eat the right food, eating the food right is important even more. Eat more slowly, make sure you chew the food properly. Slowing down your eating can allow your stomach to signal that you are full. It’s one of the simplest ways to stop eating too much. Don’t be afraid to try out new food. Superfoods are often overrated, but some do work. Something that is healthy doesn’t have to taste terrible. Don’t deny yourselves the gastronomic pleasure by overly restricting your diet, just don’t strafe too far into sugars and fats, you still want to avoid them as much as possible. There is more a whole new world to explore with eating health foods. Venturing to vegetarian mock meats territory could be an interesting experience. If you are struggling with the food, why not promise yourself a cheat day? After a long month of working hard reward yourself with your favourite cake or a nice meal at a restaurant!
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answered Aug 8, 2019 by val (720 points)
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I was once asking why aren’t I losing weight just like you. So I think it might be a medical condition, well not a harmful one, at least not in my case anyway. Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome essentially mean your body goes into a panic when starting to burn more fat than usual. Your body then tries to store up more fats from the meal you eat as energy later. Some people could easily lose 5 pounds over the month while you barely lose a single pound during the same period, assuming they do the same exercise routine as you. It’s like that skinny girl you know that could eat a fast food every day and still don’t gain any weight at all, she is just blessed with high metabolism rate. Keep in mind that losing weight should be done at your own personal pace, you are doing this to boost your health and confidence. Everyone is different. Some of the diet they stick with might work, while it doesn’t work others don’t. Trial and error is your friend. Keep contact with a dietician if you want to speed up the discovery process.
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answered Aug 14, 2019 by Brian (590 points)
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You aren’t eating right as you claim you did. Simply, you could be eating way too much. We are terrible at estimating what we are eating in a portion; in fact, we are terrible in understanding numbers in general. So don’t judge a portion size by feel, measure it as you can. Putting food on smaller plate has been proven to lower the food we eat.

Often it is also difficult to be honest to ourselves. Keep track of everything you eat. That salad you eat might have a dressing with more calories that you thought, even contain bacon bits. Keep a journal of the food and exercise you did daily. So start calculating your calorie intake and outtake, then suit your meal to your lifestyle. If you exercise too much, you might subconciously eat more due to exhaustion, so keeping it tracked down is a good incentive to not eat more than you should. Your goal should be to burn more calories than you are taking in.
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Keeping track of the diet is a great suggestion on why aren’t I losing weight! Thank you!
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