Why Canada is better than US?

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asked Aug 29, 2018 in Culture & Society by AshleeLayh78 (280 points)
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Everyone likes to pick on Canada for being the overly friendly cousin of the United States. Mostly I think the US likes to create this image because Canada seems to have happier citizens. There has to be a reason why everyone seems so happy there. So what’s your opinion on why Canada is better than US?

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answered Apr 29 by LelandYancy8 (380 points)
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Canadian money might be super colorful and kind of make your wallet look like a Monopoly bank, but its cool looking! Canada is better than the US because their money just makes more sense. Forget about those annoying $1 bills that take up so much room. Canada has dollar coins instead and bigger bills.
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answered Mar 23 by TeshaPollock (360 points)
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Canada is better than the US because they don’t wear shoes in the house! This definitely keeps your house a lot cleaner, and Americans tend to wear their shoes in the house a lot. All sorts of germs and gross things stick to the bottom of your shoes. This is why Canada is better than US!! And cleaner!!
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answered May 31 by AhmadGrubb06 (510 points)
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Canada is better than the US because it has significantly lower crime rates. It’s just a safer country, and there’s a lot less violence in the streets.
commented Oct 14, 2015 by RobinFoltz1 (120 points)
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Everyone has to agree with this reason of why Canada is better than US. Too many crimes are going on streets these days in America.
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answered Jul 17 by BenedictE49 (250 points)
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One of the biggest reasons people like to bring up this subject is that they have a universal health care system. That’s something America is struggling with big time right now and still hasn’t seemed to figure out. This is a major benefit of being a Canadian citizen.
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answered Oct 24, 2018 by DenishaWisdo (240 points)
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Yeah it’s become a big joke, but the friendly Canadian stereotype is pretty much true. We’re not complete freaks who can’t enter a building because we get stuck saying “no, you first,” but the stereotypes started for a reason. This makes Canada better than the US though because everyone is so much nicer to each other. It makes life pretty peaceful.
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answered Dec 24, 2018 by NidDelgadil (170 points)
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One of the silliest American laws in comparison to other countries is the legal drinking age. You can make huge decisions at 18 like vote, join the military, and get married but can’t drink until 21. Canada is better than the US because the drinking age actually makes sense! In Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec you only have to be 18 to drink, but everywhere else in Canada is 19. That still makes a lot more sense than 21!
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answered Jul 23 by Jamel2562487 (170 points)
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Have you ever had a Canadian chocolate bar? If not, then you should! Canada is better than the US because they have all sorts of candy bars that you can’t find in the states. One of the best candy bars they have is the creamy goodness of the Caramilk.
commented Sep 5, 2015 by Aiwa (400 points)
Is this why you think Canada is better than the US? Just because of candy bars? How old are you? 3?
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