Why can't I comment on Instagram accounts that have many followers?

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asked Jan 2, 2018 in Computers & Electronics by bubu_the_pet (120 points)
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I mean, I am allowed to comment on the accounts that don't have many followers, a few hundred followers is ok, but I am not allowed to comment on the accounts have a few thousand followers or more. It's really annoying, especially since I didn't break any of the rules that Instagram mentions!

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answered May 21 by Vito81T75289 (830 points)
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Have you had your Instagram comments blocked recently?

Instagram keeps waging wars against rampaging spammers, and most times, some innocent users get caught in the crossfire. Instagram blocks anything that looks like a duplicate comment, or a comment where several Instagram users have been tagged.

Spammers make use of certain automated commenting features simply to attract the attention of several other Instagram users to their accounts. Using such features such as the bot commenting can make Instagram mistake you for a spammer and block your comments or ban your account out rightly.

Recently, Instagram has been making lots of effort to make sure they block every comment that appears to be a duplicate of what another user had earlier posted.

Sometimes, it is common for Instagram to mistake comments like congrats as being meant for several users, and block it as a duplicate comment.

There are many other reasons that could lead to blocked commenting on Instagram. For example, bot commenting or auto commenting. Try not to use auto commenting features even when they are so well spaced that they shouldn't get blocked-they can be quite annoying.

When you want to make quick comments, simply add some emoticons, everyone loves them. You can also add the name of the person in your comment even as Instagram keeps cracking down. This will not only add some personal touches, but it will make the comment appear genuine and un-automated to Instagram.

Tagging several people to your comment may lead to your comments getting blocked. The safe thing to do is to tag non-followers. Most people, especially spammers make the mistake of tagging several people to their comments with the aim of getting a lot of followers.

You can try several things to make sure your comment doesn't get blocked, or your account shut down totally. One of the steps you can take is to make sure you do not tag anyone who is not on your list of Instagram friends like spammers do. If this does not work for you, don't bother sending any thank you message to people who send you congratulatory message.

commented Jan 26, 2016 by bubu_the_pet (120 points)
Thank you so much for your kind answer :) I only had this annoying problem for the first couple of weeks. Maybe because I was a new user, don't know. The important thing is that now the problem is fixed.  Again, thank you so much! :)
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answered Apr 7 by LeighI096184 (180 points)
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This is one problem many new Instagram users encounter with their new accounts. The fact remains that you will never be able to post any comment on celebrity accounts with several thousands of followers. Spammers do this a lot, so if you are not a spammer, posting comments on such accounts with your new Instagram account may attract you a ban. 

commented Jan 26, 2016 by bubu_the_pet (120 points)
Thank you so much for your answer :) The problem is fixed now, it only lasted for a couple of weeks. Definitely because I was new on Insta :) Again, thank you so much! :)
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answered May 7 by goodly (140 points)
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Maybe it's a glitch or internet is slow.

what you can do

Turn off your connection and turn it back on (not wifi in your device)

Reset your device

commented Jan 26, 2016 by bubu_the_pet (120 points)
Thank you so much for your answer :) The problem was that I was new to Instagram, but it's fixed now :)
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